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RMI Medical Staff
RMI medical staff are qualified and effective employees with a passion for hard work and adventure. From professional mountaineers and firefighters to military special operations and maritime specialists, our employees add depth and expertise to our company. The RMI team has a proven track record of professionalism and exceptional customer service.

Tom Ardavany, NREMT-P, RN, Instructor

Tom Ardavany, NREMT-P, RN, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereTom has applied his medical expertise on an international scale, serving on a medical team in Honduras for Hurricane Mitch and providing medical aid for refugees in northern Albania during the Kosovo War. In addition to working for RMI, Tom is also a flight nurse for Airlift Northwest and a paramedic for Orcas Island Fire and Rescue. He enjoys non-competitive free-diving and has made it to thirty-six meters unassisted on one breath without fins. Tom has also worked as a medic for the Vertical Blue Freediving Academy, which hosts the World Freediving Championships in the Bahamas.

Lise Armstrong, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic

Lise Armstrong, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereLise is a NREMT-P working in our Medical Support Group. She started her remote medicine career as a WEMT/canoeing guide in northern Ontario and Quebec and has also worked as a street paramedic in a busy ALS ambulance service just north of Detroit. Lise is a certified Firefighter I and II with Hazmat Operations and Confined Space Rescue certifications. She has experience working at remote clinics in Alaska as well as remote mining sites. Elise resides in Illinois where she is an avid outdoorswoman, enjoying fishing, kayaking, hunting, and long hikes with her dog, Beowulf.

Melissa Arnot, WEMT, Instructor

Melissa Arnot, WEMT, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereMelissa started her career as a guide with Rainier Mountaineering Inc. in 2004 and has been teaching for RMI since 2006. A professional climber, Melissa combines her love of wilderness medicine and rescue with climbing. She has summited Mt. Rainier 93 times and is a record holder in completing four Everest summits. Professionally sponsored by Eddie Bauer, Melissa is also involved in the philanthropic organizations Summit on the Summit and The Juniper Fund. When she is not climbing or teaching, Melissa enjoys yoga, mountain biking, and playing with her sweet puppy, Avy, in the mountains of Idaho.

Daniel Barela, Paramedic, Instructor

Daniel Barela, Paramedic, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereDaniel began his career early as a firefighter which opened doors into various positions in EMS, FEMA Search and Rescue, and a prominent role in the aquatics division. While not instructing for RMI, Daniel also works as a US&R/Hot Zone Medical Analyst and subject matter expert for the US Department of Defense’s Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, and High explosive (CBRNe) division. He is responsible for teaching and evaluating military soldiers and their respective units in full-scale exercises for disaster response with an emphasis on weapons of mass destruction. Daniel has also worked as a Flight Paramedic for PHI AirEvac where he provided critical care in both fixed and rotor wing. His hobbies include off-road racing, dirt bikes, mountain biking, and anything outdoors with a hint of adrenalin.

Philip Bohlmann, WEMT, Instructor

Phillip Bohlmann, WEMT, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywherePhilip was involved in Mountain Rescue with the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group in Boulder, CO from 2005 to 2009 before participating in the US Antarctic Program. He moved to Washington state in 2010 where he became a WEMT through RMI and now teaches WFR and WEMT classes. When he is not working for RMI, he is working part time at a local ambulance company, volunteering his services as a WEMT in Haiti, mountaineering, adventure cycling, and exploring the globe.

John Bradford, PA-C, Remote Physician Assistant

John Bradford, PA-C, Remote Physician Assistant, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereJohn is a graduate of the University of Utah and has been a Physician Assistant for ten years. He has recently specialized in remote and tropical medicine , infectious disease, and emergency care. His passions include travel and other cultural experiences, climbing, biking, skiing, and pretty much anything else outdoor related. John has been fortunate to live and work in a variety of amazing places such as Yellowstone National Park, Midway Island, Scotland, Malawi, Namibia, The Gambia, and the Solomon Islands. John is a former Peace Corps Volunteer and currently calls Missoula, MT home. If you run into John, ask him about the time he spent three weeks stranded on an Alaskan glacier.

Quinn Brett, WEMT-B, Instructor

Quinn Brett, WEMT-B, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereQuinn is a yoga instructor and a professional rock climber with a graduate degree in Secondary Social Studies from the University of Colorado. In addition to teaching wilderness medicine courses for Remote Medical International, Quinn also runs Dovetail Mountain Adventures, a guiding company for yoga and rock climbing retreats. She also enjoys working with different non-profits, such as Paradox Sports, to help facilitate wilderness adventures for others. Quinn enjoys running and soloing the many ridges and climbs in and around Estes Park, which has been her hometown “backyard” for more than a decade. When not climbing, she also is an avid runner, regularly participating in triathlons, races, and marathon or half marathons.

Craig Castillo, MD, Remote Physician

Craig Castillo, MD, Remote Physician, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereCraig is a remote physician board certified in both aerospace and occupational medicine. In 2013, he retired from the US Air Force after almost twenty-five years of service. Craig graduated with a bachelors in Biochemistry from Berkeley, a MD from George Washington, and a MPH from Harvard. He has traveled extensively but especially in Asia during his military career as a deployed provider, international engagement organizer, and in disaster response. Craig loves traveling, dining, and golf. He has two daughters in college in New York City.

Nick Collins-Feay, NREMT-B, Medical Coordination Specialist

Nick Collins-Feay, NREMT-B, Medical Coordination Specialist, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereNick first became involved with emergency medicine at the age of fifteen, volunteering with his local fire department. Since then, he has worked and volunteered as an EMT in a variety of settings, from a backpacking guide for kids in the New Hampshire summer sun to stalking the mean streets of Seattle in an ambulance by night and occasionally working in a small hospital in Port Au Prince, Haiti. In his spare time you are likely to find him skiing, biking, or half way up a cliff wondering how on earth he got there and why it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Christos Constantinou, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic

Christos Constantinou, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereRaised and educated in Ottawa Ontario Canada, Christos joined RMI on a contract off of Newfoundland Canada in July 2012. Since then, Christos' travels with RMI have also brought him to Uruguay, Argentina, and the Gulf of Mexico. Christos lives in San Diego, California and can be found at a boxing gym, working on his surfing, or playing hockey as he awaits a part-time position with the San Diego Fire Department.

Michael Dann, Remote Area Paramedic & Instructor

Michael Dann, Remote Area Paramedic and Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereMichael works as a remote-area paramedic in RMI’s Medical Support Group and as an instructor in our Training Group. He is based in the Teton Mountains and works as a critical care flight paramedic and RN. Michael has been involved in emergency medicine and public health since 2000 and has worked as an instructor since 2003. When he’s not at work, he is in the backcountry climbing, running trails, and trying to keep his hips low while telemark skiing.

Will Day, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic & Instructor

Will Day, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic and Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereBorn and raised in Pennsylvania, Will joined the local fire department in high school and hasn’t looked back since. With over twelve years of experience, he is trained and certified in everything from structural firefighting to technical, vehicle, and rope rescue. He holds a bachelor’s degree in emergency medicine and has worked in emergency rooms, on ambulances, and as a response paramedic providing ALS support to a multitude of local agencies. He discovered wilderness and remote medicine after working as a white water guide in Alaska where he now resides. When not deployed, he spends his free time hiking, skiing, rafting, and spending as much time as possible in the backcountry.

Jim Donovan, WEMT, Instructor

Jim Donovan, WEMT, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereJim is a WEMT based out of Silverton, Colorado. He serves as the Training Officer for the San Juan County Search and Rescue Team and works on the local ambulance service. Jim is trained in high angle rescue and works on rock and ice mediums; he also holds a Level III avalanche certification. Jim has extensive wilderness experience ranging from jungles to mountains. In the winter months he directs the Silverton Avalanche School, the historic and premier avalanche training program based in the heart of San Juan Mountains. He is an avid backcountry skier and enjoys climbing mountains year-round.

Kate Earle, WEMT/ MPIC, Instructor & Medical Coordination Specialist

Kate Earle, WEMT/MPIC, Instructor and Medical Coordination Specialist, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereKate has applied her remote medicine skills while riding a horse across Central Mongolia, guiding in remote Western China with pack camels, eradicating Guinea Worm disease in South Sudan, and serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the remote Pacific Island nation of Kiribati. After working as an EMT in New Orleans, her passion for remote medicine evolved to match her passion for humanitarian work in disaster and conflict settings. Kate has a Master’s degree in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Assistance with a concentration in Global Health and Disaster Psychology from the Josef Korbel School, University of Denver. Kate has been an RMI instructor since 2008 and enjoys empowering others with the skills and training to safely and responsibly experience remote environments.

Cameron Fralick, NREMT-B, REMT & Instructor

Cameron Fralick, NREMT-B, REMT & Instructor Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereRaised on a small island in the Pacific Northwest, Cameron gained a great appreciation for the outdoors from a young age. He spends much of his time sailing, skiing, backpacking or traveling abroad every chance that he gets. When not getting lost somewhere on the planet, Cameron enjoys working as an EMT firefighter at his local department, doing high angle rope rescue, volunteering with ski patrol, and captaining whale watch vessels in the San Juan Islands. He currently works for RMI as an EMT on Medical Support missions and as course instructor.

Sandy Fraser, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic & QHSE Advisor

Sandy Fraser, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic and QHSE Advisor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereSandy provides clinical and emergency medical services in a variety of civilian and military environments. His military service included time as a US Navy Search & Rescue Swimmer and a Naval Coastal Warfare Corpsman. He has worked as an independent contract medic in Bosnia, Iraq, and offshore. Sandy is equally at home in the jungle, mountains, desert, and mid-ocean. At home near the Great Lakes, he enjoys boating, diving, sailing, and restoring antique firearms and vehicles. He is an instructor for rope rescue, wilderness medicine, and advanced provider remote medical care.

Christina Goodin, NREMT-P Remote Paramedic

Christina Goodin, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereChristina is an NREMT-P who works on call as a remote-area and offshore paramedic. Christina has spent the last eight years working as a paramedic for a busy urban/rural ambulance in Skagit County. After recently becoming a mother of twin boys she is now enjoying being a mom and taking her family on many outdoor adventures.

Pete Green, AREMT-P, Remote Paramedic

Pete Green, AREMT-P, Remote Paramedic, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywherePrior to working for RMI, Pete served as an integral part of an Armed Close Protection Team in Iraq. Pete's background includes twenty-two years in the British Army Infantry, eighteen of which he spent as a combat medic with his battalion, all the while dragging along (kicking and screaming) his wife of twenty-three years. He served operationally in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Mersey Side with overseas exercises in Norway, Kenya, Germany, Canada, Poland, Cyprus, and Jordan. Pete now resides in Larnaca ,Cyprus and Hereford, UK where he is an avid scuba diver and a member of the Viking Divers Larnaca family as a PADI Divemaster, BSAC Dive Leader, SDI Solo Diver, and EFR Instructor. He has set up and run military diving expeditions to Belize (Blue Hole) and the Red Sea (Hurghada).

Nora Hellman, RN, Instructor

Nora Hellman, RN, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereBased in Bozeman, Montana, Nora is an ER nurse with a passion for remote and relief medicine. She provided medical care in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and the subsequent cholera epidemic. When she is not teaching or nursing, Nora enjoys being outside with trail running, skiing, and biking as her favorite pastimes. Nora also enjoys traveling, reading, and cooking and she can usually be found alongside her paramedic/ski patroller husband and border collie, Diego, on these adventure.

Mandy Hengeveld, RN, Instructor

Mandy Hengeveld, RN, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereMandy Hengeveld is an RN based out of North Vancouver, Canada with an incredible passion for remote nursing. If she is not at her home base of Lion's Gate Hospital Emergency, she is likely putting her skills to the test at a remote nursing station in Northern Canada. Her love for remote medicine started ten years ago when, as a volunteer on a coral reef conservation project on Namu Atoll in the Marshall Islands, her teammate got crushed by a coconut tree and thankfully survived to tell the tale. Since that day, Mandy has strived to continue building her knowledge and skills in the field of remote medicine to benefit her own wilderness adventures and bring healthcare to those who would otherwise have limited access.

Mark Howder, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic

Mark Howder, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereAs a paramedic with extensive international experience, Mark has practiced in remote areas such as Iraq, Mozambique, Somalia, and Kenya. Mark has also put his paramedic skills to good use in the US as a California firefighter and a firefighter/medic for NASCAR races. Always up for an adventure, Mark caught the travel bug early while growing up on an Air Force Base in England. He attended university on a football scholarship at Midwestern Sate University in Texas. His passion for sports and travel are still strong, and he currently lives in Germany where he plays and coaches for a regional championship-winning national rugby-bundesliga team.

Jasmine Jackson-Richards, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic & Instructor

Jasmine Jackson-Richards, NREMT-P, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereJasmine is a paramedic, instructor, and river guide living and working in Northern California. When not teaching RMI courses, she works as a paramedic providing coverage to a large rural and urban area. Jasmine holds a strong drive for continued education and is an active instructor for ACLS, PALS, and ITLS at a local community college. Jasmine’s lifelong passion for playing in the wilderness has led her to become a whitewater river guide and instructor. Her guiding career has taken her to several countries where she worked in remote locations. When not working Jasmine spends her time on the river with her friends, family, and dog.

Tamira Jenlink, WEMT, Instructor

Tamira Jenlink, WEMT, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereTamira has worked in the outdoor industry teaching, professionally guiding, and facilitating group dynamics for the last twenty years. The last ten years have been dedicated to her own company, Vertical Ventures Inc. (V2.) Through developing V2, Tamira has focused her passions for connecting people with the outdoors. Tamira also works in search and rescue and with a local fire department in the Boulder, Colorado area. When Tamira is not sharing these brilliant spaces with others, she can be found back-country skiing, climbing, mountain biking, road-riding, or otherwise partaking in the great outdoors. You will most likely find her beautiful husky, Tikaani, along for the ride.

Thaddeus Josephson, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic, Instructor

Thaddeus Josephson, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereThaddeus has worked as an RMI instructor and remote site paramedic since 2008. His passion for high adventure and outdoor pursuits led to his current work as a full time paramedic in Bozeman, Montana where he is able to make the most of his professional and recreational interests. Thaddeus began his EMS career on ski patrol and with Gallatin County Search and Rescue. He has participated in countless rescue operations as a member of the helicopter, alpine, and hasty teams,and most recently as a paramedic for Bozeman AMR's Reach and Treat Team where he provides ALS resources to backcountry rescue. In his free time, Thaddeus enjoys skiing, climbing, mountain biking, bow hunting, and anything else that keeps him in the mountains.

Mitch Kadlec, NREMT-P, Instructor

Mitch Kadlec, NREMT-P, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereMitch Kadlec works as a paramedic for Skagit County Medic One in the Skagit Valley of northwest Washington. Mitch has a background in wildland firefighting with the US Forest Service where he's worked in many capacities such as Interagency Hotshot Crews, Helicopter Rappelling, and other types of fire management. Mitch has been a member of search and rescue in the North Cascades and swift water rescue teams. He enjoys the full variety of outdoor activities that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Andy Kimmell, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic

Andy Kimmell, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereAndy Kimmell received his paramedic training at the Joint Special Operations Training Center in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He spent six years in the Army as a combat medic and special operations fight medic. His experiences in the military have given him a passion for austere medicine. Andy lives in Portland, Oregon and is currently working as a remote site paramedic and instructor. When not at work, he enjoys shooting, camping, and hiking throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Faith Klida, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic

Faith Kilda, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereFaith brings ten years of rescue operations experience to RMI. She has worked as an EMT and paramedic in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a mountain rescue with Teton County Search and Rescue, and she has served as a member of Durango Fire Rescue. With a background in medicine, swiftwater rescue, high-angle rope work, and structure firefighting, she thoroughly enjoys the challenges of remote settings.

Cody Knauss, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic & Instructor

Cody Knauss, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic and Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereThough he currently calls the Rockies home, Washington-grown Cody Knauss states that his heart will always belong to the Cascades. In 2007 Cody attended a summer-long WEMT class that opened a new world and launched his EMS career working in Denver on an ambulance, in an ER, and as a ski patroller. He is now an RMI paramedic which brings together his two greatest passions: helping others and being outdoors. When not deployed for RMI, he still spends time on an ambulance in the Denver area, but fly-fishing and all things related to it take up the majority of his free thoughts and leisure time.

Loreen Lock, Paramedic, Field Operations Manager

Loreen Lock, Paramedic, Field Operations Manager, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereWith over seventeen years of experience as a medical professional working in international and remote environments, Loreen has worked in Antarctica, Africa, Europe, South America, Greenland, and India. While serving as an HSE medic on seismic research vessels, Loreen conducted post-incident investigations, consulted on emergency response and medevac plans, directed pre and post-deployment briefings, and ran safety committee meetings off the coasts of India, East and West Africa, and North and South America. During one of many deployments in Antarctica, Loreen assisted in the first surgery performed at the South Pole. She currently oversees quality control and assurance for a medical staff of over 100 and serves on RMI’s Curriculum & Protocol Committee with N-REMT-P, ACLS, PALS, BOSIET, and HUET certifications.

Kristen Looper, WEMT, Instructor

Kirsten Looper, WEMT, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereAfter graduating with a degree in classical theatre from Chicago, Kristen moved to Alaska where she transitioned into the role of teaching rock and ice climbing. From there, her love of the outdoors turned into a career of guiding mountains for the American Alpine Institute and working ski patrol in Utah, Colorado, and Idaho. Through her years in the backcountry, she developed a passion for wilderness medicine and enjoys spreading her enthusiasm through teaching.

Lucas Martin, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic

Lucas Martin, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereLucas is currently a United States Air Force Reserve Pararescueman (PJ) in the 304th Rescue Squadron. Based out of Portland, Oregon, Lucas has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in both Combat Search and Rescue and Civil Search and Rescue. When he is not training or deployed, he enjoys being active and staying fit in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. Lucas can also often be found at one of the many local cafes where he enjoys reading.

Dan McDermott, NREMT-P, Instructor

Dan McDermott, NREMT-P, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereDan McDermott is a paramedic firefighter for Whatcom County Medic One and has been working for the Bellingham Fire Department since 2001. Dan’s interest in emergency medicine started after a WEMT course in 1999 and has continued throughout his recreational and professional life. During his free time, Dan works with ski patrol at Mt. Baker and enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and biking. He is a nationally registered paramedic, ACLS instructor, and CPR instructor.

Miles McDonough, WEMT, Instructor

Miles Mcdonough, WEMT, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereMiles grew up in Wichita, KS and went to school at Carleton College in Minnesota. After graduating in 2004, he took a road trip out to Seattle, fell in love with the Cascades, and has called them home ever since. He is the membership chair with Everett Mountain Rescue, a rescue technician with the Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team, and an EMT for both teams. When not adventuring in the backcountry, Miles volunteers to help run the Seattle Mountaineers' Alpine First Aid program.

David McGaughey, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic

David McGaughey, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic, Remote Medical International Medical Support. Anywhere

Travis McKown, NREMT-P, Instructor

Travis McKown, NREMT-P, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereTravis was born in Long Beach, California but transplanted to rural northern California at the age of eight. Growing up, Travis joined the Volunteer Fire Department as an explorer at the age of fourteen and only had a break in the fire/EMS service for his brief enlistment in the US Army and deployment to Iraq. Since then, Travis has worked for state, federal, and private organizations with his Associates in Emergency Medicine and Firefighter qualifications. When not on an ambulance in Redding, California or teaching for RMI, he spends his time backpacking, guiding white water, and traveling.

Alex Merkle, PA-C, Remote Physician Assistant

Alex Merkel, PA-C, Remote Physician Assistant, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereAlex is delighted to be a part of the RMI team. He has gathered almost two decades of experience throughout all facets of medical care. While not working with RMI, he is on staff at several Tahoe area hospitals in both the Emergency Department as well as the Trauma/Critical Care teams. In his free time, Alex volunteers with the local Search and Rescue team and serves in the military reserves. Prior to attending the University of California at Davis Medical School, he spent many years working in the fire service and providing backcountry care.

Brent Molsberry, WEMT, Instructor

Brent Molsberry, WEMT, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereIn addition to being a professional sea kayak guide and USCG Captain, Brent has been an active WEMT since 2000 working as a ski patroller in Deer Valley, Utah and as a volunteer firefighter in Whatcom County, Washington since 1999. When not working, he may be found climbing, hiking, skiing, kayaking, sailing, or adventure racing.

Carrie Parker, NREMT-P, Instructor, Remote Paramedic

Carrie Parker, NREMT-P, Instructor, Remote Paramedic, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereCarrie Parker has worked for RMI since 2010. She also currently works for Albuquerque Ambulance Service in Albuquerque, NM as a paramedic. She has guided mountains professionally for six years, first with Rainier Mountaineering Inc and now with Alpine Ascents International in Seattle. Carrie's passion for teaching wilderness medicine has taken her worldwide. In 2011, Carrie was part of a team of American instructors to teach the first EMT-B class to Haitian students. In 2013, Carrie acted as a climbing instructor for the Khumbu Climbing School in Phortse, Nepal, teaching safe climbing techniques to Sherpas. Carrie is involved with the Albuquerque Mountain rescue team and has worked rope access contracts for East River Rigging out of Brooklyn, NY. A 5.13 rock climber, you may find Carrie scaling the sandstone cliffs of Kentucky’s Red River Gorge in the fall.

Wendy Paton, NREMT-P, Instructor

Wendy Paton, NREMT-P, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereWendy entered the medical field right out of high school by enrolling in Bellevue College's Radiology Technology Program. On completion she worked as an RT for a few years before pursuing a twelve-year career with Bellingham Fire as the first female paramedic/firefighter in the department. She "retired" in 2000 to run a very successful alpaca farm putting her medical experience to use on four legged patients. She currently volunteers for South Lake Whatcom Fire District 18, teaches EMT classes at Skagit Valley College, and First Aid and CPR for local companies. Wendy keeps active with soccer, trail running, horseback riding, and backpacking with her dogs and family.

Kate Peters, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic, Instructor

Kate Peters, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereKate moved to the west coast from England at a young age and has lived and worked in the Central Oregon area for over seven years. She has always wanted to work and educate in the EMS field. Kate attended paramedic school at Central Oregon Community College while volunteering for the Redmond Fire Department. She has since had the opportunity to be a paramedic for two metro ambulance companies and a single resource paramedic on wildland fires. In her spare time, Kate stays busy outdoors exploring the mountains, desert, and forest that surround Bend, Oregon. She enjoys biking and spends most of her spare time figuring out where and when she can get out on two wheels. When the snow is falling, you can find her skiing the backcountry.

Janet Peterson, DrPH, WEMT, Instructor

Janet Peterson, DrPH, WEMT, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereJanet is a professor of health and human performance at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon where she teaches anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and exercise physiology. She has her doctorate in public health with an emphasis in preventive care and a master’s in exercise physiology. Janet has been involved in the medical field for many years and developed an interest in wilderness medicine while training for the Mt. Waterman Nordic Ski Patrol. She enjoys leading newbies on backpacking, climbing, and winter camping trips. You will also find Janet volunteering as a medic at cyclocross races, for the local fire department, and providing fitness testing for Fire/EMS providers. When not working or volunteering, Janet enjoys spending time climbing, hiking, biking, kayaking, and skiing.

Nathan Quinn, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic & Instructor

Nathan Quinn, NREMT-B, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereAfter completing his service in the Army, Nathan spent four years in Asia helping out after the 2004 tsunami, teaching English, and working on dive boats. He then took fully to the seas as a freediving and sailing Instructor, diesel mechanic, and Captain. Serving as a medical officer on various ships, Nathan coordinated a number of remote evacuations while traversing the Mediterranean, Gulf of Mexico, and Bahamas. When not working for RMI, you'll find Nathan volunteering in Haiti and Africa or falling off his kiteboard.

Phoebe Robinson, EMT-B/RN, Instructor

Phoebe Robinson, EMT-B/RN, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywherePhoebe is an instructor with the Training Group and EMT-B/RN for the Medical Support Group. She is originally from Maine but currently is living in New Hampshire and working as a nurse in an emergency room. Phoebe graduated from Prescott College in 2004 with a degree in Wilderness Leadership/Psychology and worked as a wilderness therapy guide for at-risk kids before going back to school for nursing. Since becoming an RN in 2007, she has worked in the ICU and the ER and has taken her nursing skills on humanitarian trips to the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Phoebe at times has also been a river guide, ski patroller, and horse trainer.

Adam Russell, REMT, Lead Instructor

Adam Russell, REMT, Training Program Manager, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereAdam operates as Training Program Manager and holds a Bachelors of Science in Biology, a Remote EMT, Medical Care Personal in Charge, and is an instructor of Permaculture Design. He has worked as a volunteer fire fighter EMT on rural ambulances and taught part of the first EMT course in Port Au Prince Haiti. He has spent the past decade in remote areas of the North Cascades as an educator and alpinist.

D.J. Smith, PA-C, Instructor

D.J. Smith, PA-C, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereD.J. has worked as a remote site paramedic since 2001 providing medical care in austere environments throughout the world. His diverse medical background ranges from tactical medicine to medical humanitarian assistance projects. D.J. has extensive experience providing medical support internationally, establishing remote site clinics, and conducting long-range helicopter evacuations. He is now a Physician Assistant, Fellow in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine, and Certified Flight Paramedic. D.J. graduated from the University of Washington’s MEDEX Physician Assistant Training program in Seattle. He is most often found drinking a cup of coffee while studying but would rather be rambling in the Cascades, cycling, or skiing.

David Svobodny, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic, Instructor

David Svobodny, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereDave began his ten-year guiding career whitewater rafting in the great state of Alaska. During this time he earned his WFR and eventually his EMT-B. After working briefly in oil policy, Dave joined the pro-patrol at Eaglecrest Ski area in Juneau. During this time he worked on the local mountain rescue team and as an EMT with the fire department. In response to a desire for more patient care, Dave went on to earn his paramedic certification. His deployments have taken him across the US, South Pacific, South America, and Haiti. Currently Dave can be found teaching one of Remote Medicals classes or deployed as a Paramedic.

Christina Thompson, WEMT, Instructor

Christina Thompson, WEMT, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereChristina currently works as a climbing ranger in the North Cascades National Park which she regards as one of the greatest places on earth. Her work within the National Park Service over the last nine years has taken her to Rocky Mountain, Denali, Wrangell-St. Elias, the Tetons, and Glacier where she has primarily worked as a backcountry ranger. During winters she has ski patrolled in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah and traveled extensively. Christina has a degree in environmental science and music from the University of Michigan.

Jarod Trow, NREMT-P Remote Paramedic, Instructor

Jarod Trow, NREMT-P Remote Paramedic, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereWhen not deployed for the Medical Support division or teaching a course for the Training division, Jarod is a paramedic/firefighter with the city of Bellingham. He also works in the aid room at Mt. Baker Ski Area and has been a rope rescue instructor since 1999. Jarod is an avid photographer and also enjoys climbing, biking, and paddle boarding. Prior to his move to the Pacific Northwest, Jarod completed a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism at Colorado State University which led him to a position as head of operations for the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association.

Amber Valenti, MPAS, PA-C, Instructor

Amber Valenti, MPAS, PA-C, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereAmber joined RMI in 2008 as a WEMT instructor and now shares her contagious passion for teaching and practicing remote medicine as a physician assistant. She has been involved in rescue and remote medicine since 2003, working as a backcountry guide, remote medical provider, instructor, and ski patroller. Amber has also been guiding and exploring wild rivers the world over for nearly a decade. She completed a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of California, Davis in Exercise and Environmental physiology in 2006. In 2011, Amber completed her graduate education at Oregon Health and Science University to become a physician assistant.

Jan Veesart, MD, Instructor

Jan Veesart, MD, Instructor, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereJan trained at the Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, Maryland and is a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician. She served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and finished her twenty-six year Air Force career as the Medical Director for the US Pararescue School, Kirtland AFB, NM. Jan is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of New Mexico, a Senior Physician on the New Mexico Disaster Medical Assistance Team, and an ATLS Instructor. A passionate and committed teacher, Jan is actively involved as a “clinical coach” in UNM School of Medicine.

Liana Walta, Remote Paramedic

Liana Walta, Remote Paramedic, Remote Medical International Medical Support. AnywhereLiana has been in EMS since 2004, operating in both urban and remote settings with disaster relief work, transport care, and international humanitarian missions. The last few years she has branched out into the offshore maritime industry. In her spare time Liana enjoys fun runs, volunteering, cooking marathons, camping, and playing soccer.

Richard Wilson, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic

Richard Wilson, NREMT-P, Remote Paramedic, Remote Medical International Medical Support. Anywhere Richard is a paramedic, instructor, and medical student living in Vancouver, WA. When not providing remote medical service or teaching for RMI, Richard is a full time student pursuing a broadened career as a physician assistant. Richards' passion for education and medicine led him to become certified and instruct in many disciplines of rescue and medicine over his fourteen years as a paramedic including time spent as a team leader and member of a regional technical rescue team. He is a certified rescue technician in several disciplines and has instructed classes in swift water rescue, collapsed building, trench, confined space, and high angle rope rescue. When not working or studying, Richard likes to spend his time hiking, camping, and in the water any way he can.


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