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Remote & Wilderness Medicine Training

RMI’s public remote and wilderness medicine training courses are designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to medical emergencies when definitive care is hours or days away. With curriculum fortified by the ongoing experience of our medical support division, RMI students learn from cutting-edge case studies and proven techniques that are applicable to remote locations across the globe. Whether you are new to medicine or a practicing professional, our remote and wilderness medicine training courses provide hands-on and realistic training experiences based on current research, sound medical practice, and proven delivery methods.

Acquire Practical Skills

From Wilderness First Aid (WFA) to Remote Medicine for the Advanced Provider (RMAP), all of our courses are taught through a combination of realistic practice scenarios and theoretical knowledge with a mix of interactive lectures and labs. As an RMI student, you will practice with real equipment in realistic scenarios that simulate remote medical situations and the stress involved. As an RMI graduate, you will be prepared to respond to medical emergencies in remote, unique, and sometimes challenging environments with confidence and composure.

Learn from Experienced Medical Providers

RMI instructors are professionally trained and active practitioners who have ongoing, real-life experience providing medical support, curriculum development, and corporate medical direction in remote locations. From professional mountaineers and firefighters to military and maritime specialists, our instructors add depth and expertise to our curriculum.

Receive a Respected Certification

Remote Medical International has trained and certified over 15,000 students from all branches of the US military, US government agencies, law enforcement, FBI, border patrol, energy companies, universities, national research organizations, science foundations, and more.

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