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ACCESS™ Tele-Medicine Services

Ensuring the health and safety of yourself, your staff, and your clientele is a primary concern of operators in remote environments. It can also prove to be a challenge, particularly in the case of an emergency when limited resources may be taxed, and would-be rescuers overwhelmed.

Remote Medical ACCESS™ Includes:

  • 24/7/365 telephone ACCESS to Emergency Physicians experienced in the delivery of remote medical care in environmental extremes.
  • Worldwide physician, clinic, and hospital referral.
  • Medical case monitoring for out-of-country medical emergencies by US Physicians.
  • Prescription replacement services anywhere in the world.
  • Travel advisories and alerts including health issues, customs, immunization requirements, and security alerts to your wireless device or e-mail.

Remote Medical ACCESS™ Tele-Medicine Services

Remote Medical ACCESS™ provides subscribers a vital link to appropriate medical care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

ACCESS™ offers telemedical services, medical guidance, repatriation, clinical case management, as well as training and medical equipment consultation worldwide. Open-ocean sailors and yachts, commercial fishing vessels, remote fishing and hunting camps; any individuals or organization operating remotely or internationally may be exposed to complex and stressful medical situations. With Remote Medical ACCESS™, all you need is a phone connection and your subscription code and help is just a call away.
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Non-Emergent Medical Services Abroad and Planning Tools

Accurately assessing and treating a situation can mean the difference between continuing a trip or keeping staff in the field and a costly and complicated evacuation that might have been otherwise avoidable. We encourage our subscribers to use Remote Medical ACCESS™ to direct preventative measures or care. Your Remote Medical ACCESS™ subscription includes prescription replacement and non-emergency consultations. We don’t put a “cap” or limits on your subscription; you can call as you see fit. Our subscribers have access to online country/culture reports, security updates with live updates to e-mail or wireless devices through TravelALERTS™, and more through a non-emergency number. We do the research and keep you updated so you can focus on what’s at hand, be it work or recreation. Learn more

Support During a Medical Emergency

Our team mobilizes at your command. Should a medical emergency occur, subscribers and their groups have direct access to a dedicated Emergency Physician specializing in remote and tele-medical care. U.S. based, board certified, Emergency Physicians will assess and monitor your medical condition, provide physician consultation and direct treatment as needed. A dedicated caseworker in our call center will provide you with a single point of contact to organize the effort, and will remain on the line as you are connected to, and advised by, a US based physician. Your caseworker will see your care through from start to finish as well as direct coordination of resources including clinics, hospitals, caregivers and ambulances. Learn more

Convenience, Effectiveness, Service

Remote Medical ACCESS™ is here for you around the clock. With one phone call, you can get a consultation from a medical professional in real time. Owners of businesses operating remotely, whether land or sea-based, can relax knowing that in an emergency there is a professional team on call to help their staff and clientele. Team members or individual users are reassured knowing that when there is a medical emergency, one call can mobilize a professional team to give a wide range of medical support.
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