Team Epoch Begins Bike Journey

The RMI first aid kit customized for Team Epoch for the bike portion of the trip.

After rowing 2,550 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean, Team Epoch began the next leg of their journey this week. Moving from paddles to pedals, Team Epoch will next bike up the West Coast from Los Angeles to Canada, stopping in every major city. Along the way the team will be holding free motivational talks, environmental awareness tables and group rides/hikes. If you’re interested in having Team Epoch do a talk in your area, visit their website to get in touch with them.

During their row, Team Epoch put their marine first aid kit supplied by Remote Medical to good use as they describe in this video. Remote Medical International® put together a new, smaller first aid kit for Team Epoch for the bike portion of the trip, which is pictured above. The custom kit includes the essential medical supplies they will need packed in a small, easily accessible Conterra Zip Organizer bag with a handy viewing window. This organizer functions well as a stand-alone bag or as a foundational piece in creating an organizing system for a larger kit.

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