Wayne Wager, Chief Executive Officer

Wayne Wager began his tenure at Remote Medical International in 2015 and serves as President and CEO. With over three decades of leadership experience in the medical technology and venture capital fields, Wayne leverages his deep understanding of the global healthcare environment to accelerate performance, drive strategic business decisions, and effectively manage operational growth.

Prior to RMI, Wayne held a number of executive leadership roles, including founder and CEO of both JeNu Biosciences, a technology-driven skincare company, and NeoPath, a leading medical diagnostics company. He also served as the CEO of Confirma, a company that developed and marketed computer-aided-detection (CAD) systems for medical imaging. Additionally, Wayne held partner roles at Cable & Howse Ventures and Encompass Ventures. Mr. Wager holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Stanford University.



Greg Clark, Chief Operating Officer

Previously serving RMI as Chief Financial Officer, Greg has over twenty years of financial management and executive leadership in various startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to joining RMI, Greg served as Vice President of Finance and Operations at GenoLogics Life Sciences Software, a LIMS software vendor specializing in clinical genomics. Greg also has served as CEO, CFO, VP of Marketing, and various executive positions at Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions, Qwest Communications, and SBC, Inc. Greg received his Master’s degree in Finance from Seattle University and has a Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University. Mr. Clark currently serves on the board of Pacific Medical Centers (PacMed).



Jayson Eversgerd, Chief Medical Officer

Jayson Eversgerd, DO, FACEP, serves as Remote Medical International’s Chief Medical Officer and plays a vital role in leading the company’s various medical programs. Board certified and residency trained in emergency medicine, his experience includes twelve years in emergency medicine and five years in remote and telemedicine.

Fluent in English and Portuguese, he has led an expansive career working domestically and abroad in a number of industries. Dr. Eversgerd has extensive understanding of remote provider training and occupational medicine in high hazard environments, which allows him the expertise needed to forge successful relationships with clients and deliver optimal care. Dr. Eversgerd holds a M.S. in Biology from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. He completed his Osteopathic Medical training at Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and subsequently finished his Emergency Medicine Residency at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Eversgerd currently serves on the Advisory Counsel for the Institute of Remote Healthcare (IRHC).



Jon Adams, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

With over 15 years of experience working in the healthcare industry, Jon Adams serves Remote Medical International as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and leads efforts for global sales and marketing, operations, public relations, and revenue generation. His focus has been in strategy development and commercialization for early growth stage companies.

Prior to joining RMI, Jon acted as VP Sales & Marketing for Anvita Health, a clinical analytics provider based in San Diego, CA. Anvita was acquired by Humana, Inc. in 2011. Most recently, Jon was Director of Analytic Sales for Transcend Insights, a population health management provider and subsidiary of Humana, Inc. Jon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Whitworth University.



Christine Hass, Director of Administration

Christine joined Remote Medical in 2005 and has previously served as the Director of Operations and Director of Human Resources. As the Director of Administration, Christine is primarily involved in strategic planning and development, management, and systems improvement and implementation.

Christine currently oversees a variety of functions including human resources and facility management. She received a degree in Management from Western Washington University.



Chris Kenney, Director of Marketing

As the Director of Marketing, Chris oversees marketing strategy and implementation for Remote Medical International. He strongly contributes to the company’s success through spearheading new business initiatives, product development, strategic partnerships, and technology integration for the company and its clients.

Since 2005 he has held various other positions within RMI, including Director of Business Development, Director of Operations, Director of Equipment and Supply, Director of Telemedicine, and Director of Sales. He received a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Washington.



Andy Kimmell, Director of Clinical Operations, Safety, & Security

In his current role, Andy is responsible for establishing and executing Remote Medical International’s safety and security strategy, specifically overseeing corporate and clinical operations, field personnel training, and client relations.

He impacts the company’s global operations by providing advanced knowledge of Health and Safety with respects to OSHA, OGP, IADC, IAGC, and their equivalent governing bodies. Mr. Kimmell began his medical career as a Firefighter and EMT over sixteen years ago and subsequently worked in the US Army as a combat medic in the paratroopers and also as a special operations combat and flight medic.  Prior to joining our corporate team, Andy joined Remote Medical in 2010 as a remote paramedic and has worked as an HSE Advisor, Field Operations Supervisor, and Field Operations Manager predominantly in support of worldwide marine seismic operations and land-based exploration work in East Africa. Andy’s work supporting the marine seismic industry has taken him to some of the most challenging project sites in the industry, from NE Greenland to the Kara Sea down to the mouth of the Amazon River. 


Loreen Lock, Clinical Operations Director

Since joining Remote Medical International in 2006, Loreen has worked as an Instructor, teaching our full suite of remote medicine courses, and as a Remote HSE Medic both on- and offshore. In 2013, she transitioned from the field to the corporate office, first managing Field Operations, then overseeing Clinical Governance and managing RMI’s Topside Assistance.

Her current role as Clinical Operations Director allows her to focus on delivering high-quality clinical solutions to our clients and ensuring that our providers have the necessary resources and systems to effectively and efficiently deliver the best practices in patient care. Loreen’s passion for medicine evolved from her time working with the National Ski Patrol in Colorado and her dedication to excellence and stringent protocols stem from her experience assisting in the first surgery performed at the South Pole Station in Antarctica. Ms. Lock holds degrees in Chemistry and Paramedicine and has worked on six continents across numerous industries.



Kevin Thompson, Director of Business Development

As Director of Business Development, Kevin’s primary responsibility is to oversee RMI’s proposal strategy and development. Working collaboratively with marketing, sales, operations, clinical management and external resources, Kevin drives solutions that build long-term relationships with our clients.

Additionally, as a member of the marketing team, Kevin helps define RMI’s overall marketing strategy across all industries and geographies. He began his career at RMI in 2007, spending seven years in operations, and served most recently as Director of Field Services. In that position, Kevin held accountability for the management, operations, strategy, innovation, and growth of RMI Staffing and RMI Training worldwide. Previous to RMI, Kevin spent five years as Operations Manager for a leading remote medicine training company overseeing the delivery of training programs across the United States. He graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration from Nazareth College in Rochester, NY.