At Remote Medical International, we pride ourselves on understanding and adapting to the unique needs of our clients.

With a client base that ranges from construction companies to federal contractors, we value long-term, personalized relationships. From the sales team to operations, we prioritize customer satisfaction, compliance, confidentiality, and cost-containment. Learn more about what our clients are saying about our work.

Bringing on a company like Remote Medical International that can perform on-site medical care is invaluable on a large scale project because of the ability to manage all medical cases at a local level. It allows a contractor like us to keep a closer eye on the health of our employees to ensure they all go home to their families in the same form they came to work.

– EHS Manager, Pipeline Construction Project

Remote Medical International consistently provides an outstanding level of service to a government project in southern Afghanistan. They are effectively able to respond quickly to changes in scope and requirements in order to meet the mission. Since 2014, Remote Medical International has gone above and beyond to ensure they provide exceptional medical care to the project’s employees throughout the area of operations.

– Government Contractor

Our employees work in some of the world’s harshest and most remote environments. We count on Remote Medical International to be there with us every step of the way, to help us prevent incidents from occurring, and if something were to occur, to help us minimize the problem and remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

– Tim Granlie, HSE Manager, Ion Geophysical

Remote Medical International gives us above and beyond service, not merely order taking and delivery…We have leaned heavily upon Remote Medical International to provide us with solutions to critical medical supply needs; and they have patiently cooperated in pulling us along the learning curve, thereby making our jobs easier and our people more productive. Remote Medical International has never let us down and we are most grateful for their efforts on our behalf.


We have been thrilled with the level of service, response time, and advice received from the Remote Medical International global telemedicine crew.


Overall, Remote Medical International, has hit their its stride in terms of quality of efficient service delivery. Despite a period of rapid growth for programs, and an unanticipated surge in procurement, Remote Medical International has been able to maintain and improve on service quality in multiple ways.

– USAID Contractor Assessment Report