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Remote Medical International recently welcomed a group of new assistant instructors to the Training Group, increasing the realism and reinforcing advanced skills practice in RMI courses.

As the CEO and an active instructor, realistic scenarios have been not only a goal, but a cornerstone of our courses. We believe strongly that students should learn skills in the most realistic environment possible and over the past year, we’ve searched hard for ALS training simulators which we could take outside, haul up cliffs, and reinforce the skills learned in the RMAP™ and our Wilderness EMT courses.

In the most recent Wilderness EMT course, students had the opportunity to provide advanced care to simulated patients in the wilderness while providing litter evacuations including airway adjuncts, the King LT-D Airway, Easy-Tube, IV Starts, IM/SQ Injections and more. In the RMAP™ course, students practice surgical cricothyrotomy, needle decompression, and chest tubes while managing the unique challenges seen in out-of-hospital, remote care.