COVID-19 Medical Care in Marine Environments

Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreaks on vessels can be particularly difficult to manage due to: Lack of areas to isolate infected personnel Lack of access to medical equipment and personnel for diagnosis It can be hard to manage even minor COVID-19 cases…

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How to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 On a Project Site

Keeping your workers safe on-site has always been a challenge, and with the spread of COVID-19, workers now face a new threat. New information is circulating quickly, and progress continues in treating the virus, but there are still uncertainties and…

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Remote Medical International Safety Staffing

How Safety Staffing can Address Safety Challenges in Pipeline Work

With challenging terrains, quick trainings for independent workers, and long hours, pipeline construction is inherently challenging work. Since the projects are also in remote locations, medical services can be limited. Workers are therefore vulnerable to work-site injuries, especially if they…

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Occupational Health Care Medical Equipment and Supply

6 Tips to Better Order and Manage your Medical Supplies

Managing medical supplies can feel like a never-ending burden for many occupational medical providers and Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Managers. Between putting together first aid kits and keeping track of inventory, the list of tasks goes on and on.…

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Remote Medical International Field Notes: Dr. Kizito Osondu

Field Notes: Dr. Kizito Osondu, Offshore Physician

Dr. Kizito Osondu joined Remote Medical International as a field provider in January of 2019. Originally from the Imo State of Nigeria, he is currently stationed on a vessel off the coast of Guinea operating as an offshore physician.  Since…

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5 Healthy Habits For Pipeline Workers

Working in pipeline construction is a difficult and often dangerous job. Working long hours in remote locations combined with a transient lifestyle can make it difficult for workers to keep up with their health. Remote Medical International spoke with one…

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Diagnosing Appendicitis on a Pipeline Construction Project

When a sick 24-year-old worker didn’t show up to work, a foreman notified Remote Medical International Nurse Practitioner John Meyer and Paramedic Albert Ramirez at a standard “All Personnel” Safety Meeting. Our medics go above the call of duty to…

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