Charity Challenge Event: Thirty Minutes to Cut a Car in Half

American muscle demolishes Swedish engineering.

What would you do if you had thirty minutes, Hurst Jaws-of-Life Power Tools, a Volvo sedan and a crowd? …the obvious answer for us was to cut the car in half.

On 18 May 2011 Remote Medical International teamed up with Hurst Jaws-of-Life, NEK, Remote Diagnostic TechnologiesHoneywell and Protect The Force for a charity challenge event at SOFIC (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference).

For $10, attendants at the conference were given the chance to enter our raffle to “DESTROY THIS CAR” and raise money for a good cause. Our lucky raffle winner was able to cut off all four doors, the rear hatch and the roof of the car in under thirty minutes…twenty-three to be exact. We were able to raise $2,040 and all of the money was donated in our winner’s name to the charity of his choice, Camp Patriot. Camp Patriot exists to take disabled U.S. Veterans on outdoor adventures. Visit their website at

Our raffle winner, Mark Tocci of Special Operations Apps, was able to destroy our car in 23 minutes to donate $2,040 for charity.

Check out our high resolution photos of the car demolition on our Facebook page.

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