Drone delivers medical support

Staff Stories: Send in the drone(s)

Staff Stories: Using a drone to deliver medical support on a record-breaking pipeline project.

Imagine you’re a side boom operator on a record-breaking pipeline project. You need medical support and ibuprofen but aren’t able to leave your post. On top of that, no one is permitted within 30 feet of the pipe suspended from your boom. To get ibuprofen, someone would have to drive a few miles around the rear of the project to safely approach. Not only would this be time-consuming, it would also risk holding up this record-breaking project of 1.9 million pounds of steel pipe laying.

Here’s how our medical provider on-site solved this problem:

Drone delivers medical support
Videographer about to deliver the ibuprofen.

“I looked around and noticed that the project videographer was putting away his photography equipment and drone for the day. I approached him about our medical support situation and he replied with, ‘challenge accepted!’ We taped a packet of ibuprofen to the top of the drone and the videographer flew the drone above the suspended pipeline to the waiting operator. The project was able to successfully continue without hold-up. 

At Remote Medical International, we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of medical support and safety to you and your workforce, whatever your challenge may be. I’m proud to be a part of this innovative team!”



Remote Medical International has over a decade of experience delivering medical services to global organizations working in remote and challenging environments. Our integrated and comprehensive medical support solutions range from medical training and equipment to on-site medical staffing. With experience in over 120 countries, we have the knowledge and flexibility to support your project.

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