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In 2004, Sonya Baumstein was hit by a car while walking to dinner. She underwent four leg surgeries and was unable to walk unassisted for three years. To celebrate her recovery and reconnect with the wilderness, Baumstein founded Team Epoch—a non-profit that encourages individuals of all abilities to pursue outdoor adventures. Shortly thereafter, Baumstein embarked on a 10,000 mile self-supported journey with the goal of completing four major treks in less than 400 days.

“At first, no one believed I could do it,” said Baumstein. “Before my friends, Remote Medical International® was one of the first to support me.”

In fifty-six days, nine hours, and twenty minutes, Baumstein turned skeptics to supporters by completing the first leg of her journey: an ocean row from the Canary Islands to Barbados. This feat made Baumstein the 54th woman in world history to successfully row an ocean.

During the journey, Baumstein and her crew faced second-degree burns, gouge wounds, and severe infections.

“Without RMI’s kit, we would’ve had to evacuate the boat on two different occasions,” said Baumstein. “We wouldn’t have been able to cross that ocean.”

Prior to Team Epoch’s departure, RMI provided Baumstein with telemedicine support and created journey-specific kits for each leg of her journey.

“They’re incredible,” Baumstein said. “The kits have everything we need to take care of ourselves in a precarious position for an extended amount of time.”

Remote Medical International® spoke with Baumstein after the second leg of her journey: a 1,800 mile bike ride from Mexico to Seattle. While recuperating at a friend’s house in Seattle, Baumstein spoke of the benefits of RMI’s lightweight custom kit. Fortunately, she didn’t need to use any medical equipment during the ride.

“The kits still did their job,” she said. “They provided a sense of security that otherwise wouldn’t be there. It eases everyone’s mind, including my own, to know that I’m supported by RMI.”

Baumstein began the third leg of her journey—a kayaking voyage from Seattle to Alaska—on 2 June . With the support of her RMI custom kit, Baumstein will travel through the Inside Passage for the next 4-6 weeks before biking back to Seattle and hopping on the Pacific Crest Trail by 15 July.

“My whole premise now is that, with the right support, anyone can be an adventurer.”

Here at Remote Medical International®, we couldn’t agree more.

We’re looking forward to supporting Baumstein as the adventure continues.

Visit Team Epoch on Facebook and Twitter to follow the journey.