Free infographic manual handling injury prevention

Free Manual Handling Injury Prevention Infographic

Manual Handling Injury PreventionThe most common cause of occupational fatigue and low back pain is manual handling.

Musculoskeletal disorders (read back pain) continue to be a leading cause of lost-time injuries in the workforce. Employers should train workers on proper lifting techniques, helping even younger employees to understand the importance of preventing injuries and the cumulative damage that poor lifting techniques can cause. Make sure your employees have the resources to avoid one of the most common lost-time injuries. We’ve created this free infographic with valuable information on manual handling injury prevention for you and your organization.

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This infographic is a part of Remote Medical International’s Work Ready program which encourages employees to pursue healthy and responsible living in any environment. Whether your team is operating on a vessel or in a developing country, Work Ready strengthens workplace culture through multifaceted and engaging programming that reduces lost time, increases vitality, and optimizes employee Health Safety & Environment (HSE).


Remote Medical International has over a decade of experience delivering medical services to global organizations working in remote and challenging environments. Our integrated and comprehensive medical support solutions range from medical training and equipment to on-site medical staffing. With experience in over 120 countries, we have the knowledge and flexibility to support your project.

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