Remote Medical International® (RMI) provides on-location occupational medicine services designed to reduce recordable injuries, lessen the need for personnel to be transferred off-site, promote a healthy workforce, and reduce costs.

From clinical protocols to medical formularies, our systems are designed to supplement our client’s health and safety programs, provide top-tier medical care, and maintain regulatory compliance.


Remote and Challenging

Construction and industrial projects are inherently challenging due to the nature of the work, whether near a major city or in the middle of nowhere. On these projects, we understand the industrial environment, the regulatory factors involved, and the direct and indirect costs of recordable injuries. We proactively work to prevent occupational health issues and are able to treat most employees onsite without transferring them to off-site clinics.

Integrated Medical Support

Remote Medical International offers comprehensive services for all phases of your project life cycle. As a single-source solution, patients benefit from a higher level of care and employers benefit from enhanced savings and increased efficiency.

Continuity of Care

When injuries or illnesses on the job do require a higher level of care, our active case management team coordinates and monitors care throughout the process. As a result, employers and employees alike benefit from our experience in cost control and in ensuring proper medical care is administered.


Project Examples

Pipeline Construction Company

Remote Medical International provides medical support for a premier pipeline construction firm recognized for their expertise in completing projects on time and under budget in extremely challenging conditions. We offer Advance Life Support (ALS) capability to our client’s projects utilizing safety-trained paramedics. Our paramedics work from our 4×4 Mobile Treatment Centers (MTCs) in order to be positioned close to construction activities. As progress is made and the working site moves, our mobile solution allows the medical services to easily move with the project. This ensures immediate medical response for the workers, keeping them onsite and treating immediately for minor cases. Patients requiring more advanced treatment are transferred to the care of local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in accordance with the Medical Emergency Response Plan we have developed for each project location.

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