Remote Medical International® (RMI) is a leading provider of comprehensive medical support services that enhance the health and safety of our clients traveling and operating in challenging locations worldwide. We have over a decade of experience delivering medical services and peace of mind to corporate logistics, field operations, executive protection, and personal management teams.

Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we operate as your dedicated medical partner. We work closely with our corporate and private clients to assess their medical exposures and tailor solutions to specific needs. We leverage the experience of our professional corporate team, field staff, and international partner network to deliver and maintain comprehensive, right-sized medical capability for your staff anywhere in the world.

From pre-deployment planning to post-evacuation case management, we can help your team effectively reduce risk and decrease medical incidents, while increasing the quality of care in an urgent situation. Our services can also reduce cost by allowing you to avoid unnecessary medical evacuations as we emphasize preventative care to keep staff healthy and productive.


2 Hours: Our fastest project turnaround from an unanticipated staffing request to mobilization of a remote paramedic to the airport in order to be on a flight from the west coast of the US to Asia.



Remote and Challenging

Organizations frequently run projects or have staff in locations where there is not adequate medical care or access to medical care is challenging. With this comes the duty of care to ensure that their employee’s medical needs are met. We provide a comprehensive spectrum of medical care to address this need anywhere in the world, in places from Sub-Saharan Africa through a large-scale event in Moscow, and everywhere in between.

Integrated Medical Support

Combined with our partners, Remote Medical International provides clients with comprehensive medical support and world-class security and medical assistance services. Clients can remain confident that every aspect of their medical needs are being looked after by experts, whether it’s for project staff in the DRC or a business traveler in Singapore.

Continuity of Care

We excel at project-based medical care and assistance, and creates comprehensive medical emergency response plans that guide every facet of an emergency. When you join that on-the-ground experience with our partners’ experience in worldwide assistance, we provide clients with unparalleled emergency response capability. Having two separate companies working seamlessly together also eliminates the conflict of interest that is inherent in a single company providing on-site care and international evacuation services.


Project Examples

Multinational Food and Beverage Company

RMI provides onsite paramedics for a program that takes employees to coffee growing areas around the world including Rwanda, Costa Rica, and Sumatra. The medical providers deploy with mobile, but comprehensive, medical kits, which allow them to treat employees in place and ensure ready to response to a medical emergency.

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