At Remote Medical International® (RMI), we offer a complete range of medical services for all phases of a project.  Whether our clients require a single à la carte service or a comprehensive medical program, we are there to support their Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) programs. Our robust and integrated management systems are specifically designed to deliver quality healthcare in the remote and challenging environments found both onshore and offshore.

Our systems, from pre-employment medical screenings to on-location medical care, are first and foremost focused on the prevention of injuries and illnesses. When they do occur, our clinical processes efficiently combine best-practice patient care with recordable incident management awareness. Our clients often see fewer reportable incidents, lower levels of medical evacuations, and a healthier workforce.

Our experience includes:

  • Medical staffing in over 75 countries
  • Medical equipment shipped to over 120 countries
  • Medical training conducted in over 24 countries
  • Over 5,000 medical screening exams coordinated annually


Remote Medical International has helped clients achieve results as high as a 50% reduction in medical evacuations per capita when replacing an incumbent medical service provider on the same project.


Remote and Challenging

Energy and mining projects increasingly occur in remote and challenging places, which can refer to geographic location, extreme environmental conditions, political environments, regulatory environments, or any number of other factors. We understand these conditions through our global experience and have proven processes and experienced staff with demonstrated success in providing excellent patient care in such conditions. As a result, our clients remain confident that they are receiving the best medical care, exactly when and where they need it.

Integrated Medical Support

We offer comprehensive services for all phases of your project life cycle. As a single-source solution, patients benefit from a higher level of care and employers benefit from enhanced savings and increased efficiency.

Continuity of Care

We provide seamless care for our clients through detailed medical emergency response planning, medical audits, and continuous testing. When a patient needs a higher level of care, we take action through our vetted network of ground transportation, air ambulances, and medical facilities specific to our client’s area of operations. Where onward evacuation or repatriation is needed, our team seamlessly integrates with corporate medical assistance providers through detailed strategic planning, eliminating the risk of transferring care.


Project Examples

East African Oil Exploration and Production Company

Remote Medical International provides onsite medical support for up to eighteen sites during peak operational periods in the remote Turkana region of northern Kenya. Our medical team of expatriate paramedics, clinical officers, physicians, and ambulance drivers has cared for a workforce population of over 3,000 people. We supply and maintain the equipment, consumables, and pharmaceuticals to keep the clinics stocked. In addition, we have established a project ambulance service utilizing 4×4 ambulances and RMI-trained Emergency Medical Technicians from the local community. Our Topside Assistance team provides telemedicine access for all of our medical providers and coordinates evacuations utilizing our vetted network of service providers in the region.

Multinational Renewable Energy Company

We provided emergency medical services to support our client’s renewable energy program at its solar farm in Arizona, United States, and wind farms in North Dakota and Kansas, United States. This service included 24/7 medical coverage by qualified Paramedics working out of a RMI Mobile Treatment Center (MTC). The 4×4 MTCs were stationed at the project sites and were equipped with the medical equipment and supplies to perform both sick call and emergency response.

Global Marine Seismic Company

We provide medical support services including onsite Advanced Life Support (ALS) Paramedics, safety cross trained paramedics, and RMI Topside Assistance as well as worldwide medical equipment provisioning. Project locations have included Norway, Australia, Angola, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Trinidad, United Kingdom, Nigeria, and many more. Our paramedics work as an integrated member of our client’s team, supporting 50 to 100 person crews on vessels operating in offshore environments.

Multinational Mining Company

We provide emergency medical services to support our client’s drilling program at its project site in Wyoming, United States. This service includes 24/7 medical coverage by qualified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) working out of a RMI Mobile Treatment Center (MTC). The 4×4 MTC is stationed at the drill site and is equipped with the medical equipment and supplies to perform both sick call and emergency response.

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