Remote Medical International works as both a prime contractor and as a respected subcontractor supporting federal initiatives at home and abroad. Ensure your employees on government contracts receive the best medical care possible.
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Our experience includes base operations support programs, peacekeeping missions, contingency operations, capacity building, and more. We bring trusted expertise in global medical supply chain management, medical staffing, fit-for-duty programs, medical direction, and comprehensive services specifically designed to promote health in remote and challenging locations.

Working with prime contractors, we provide robust support throughout the proposal process, including market research, pricing, data call responses, qualified candidates, technical writing, and color team reviews. Our wide-ranging past performance providing medical services on every continent — with extensive experience in the Middle East and across Africa — strengthens our team’s submissions.

Once on a project, our westernized services (from vaccination programs to medical staffing), are backed by a complete quality management system for consistent and predictable performance. This reliability provides a low-risk solution for project transitions, export/import compliance, security clearance where needed, and most importantly, expert medical care for the project staff.

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Our Approach

Experienced and Proactive

We excel at providing services for our federal clients in remote and challenging locations and proactively managing the complexities that these projects present. While operating environments for government and military units vary widely, they have the commonality of being mostly non-traditional — especially in regards to medicine.

For example, with multiple projects in Afghanistan, we are registered locally, have established and redundant supply chains for medical items, and have effective processes for meeting security clearance requirements, such as MRPT.

Integrated Medical Support

We offer comprehensive services for all aspects of federal project medical support. While each service we offer can be utilized individually or as an integrated solution to meet specific needs, we provide seamless delivery, increased quality of patient care, and options for best value and LPTA contracts.

Continuity of Care

We have improved health on projects and created significant savings when performing multiple medical services. For example, our medical screening programs ensure that your groups are medically fit to perform in their prospective locations. Once on project, our inventory management systems ensure the appropriate supplies are always on hand.

Our carefully selected medical providers give expert care with specialist consultations continually available through our sophisticated telemedicine systems. Our solutions help you avoid evacuations by treating on site whenever medically reasonable, saving money and preventing items such as DBA insurance increases.

When a patient needs to be taken to a higher level of care, we execute the pre-established plan using our network of ground transportation, air ambulances, and medical facilities specific to your area of operations while monitoring the patient’s progress through resolution.

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“Overall, Remote Medical International has hit their stride in terms of quality of efficient service delivery. Despite a period of rapid growth for programs and an unanticipated surge in procurement, Remote Medical International has been able to maintain and improve on service quality in multiple ways.”

USAID Contractor Assessment Report

Federal Project Successes

Department of State
Remote Medical International provides dual role Medical Providers and Instructors for the U.S. Department of State’s International Police Peacekeeping Operation Support (IPPOS) Program. The IPPOS Program is intended to develop capacity amongst African Police Contributing Country (PCC) members to deploy on peacekeeping missions, of which training in medical operational planning and providing medical care is a key component. As a dual role team member, our medical providers are responsible for both the medical care of the team while on deployment and for directly providing training to the PCC personnel.

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