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Mining project locations are becoming increasingly remote and challenging in terms of geography, environmental conditions, political situations, regulatory landscapes, and a number of other factors.

With a focus on mobility, we can provide preventative and emergent medical services to your employees anywhere on the job site. From fully stocked Mobile Treatment Centers (MTCs) to medics trained for your specific worksite conditions, we are ready to deploy where and when you need us.

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Our Approach

Experience and Agility

We understand the harsh mining conditions through our global project history. Our proven processes and experienced staff have demonstrated success in providing excellent patient care in extreme work conditions. As a result, you can be confident your employees are receiving the best medical care, exactly when and where they need it.

Integrated Medical Support

We offer comprehensive services for all phases of your project life cycle. As a single-source solution, patients benefit from a higher level of care and employers benefit from enhanced savings and increased efficiency.

Continuity of Care

We provide seamless care through detailed medical emergency response planning, medical audits, and continuous testing. When a patient needs a higher level of care, we take action through our vetted network of ground transportation, air ambulances, and medical facilities specific to your area of operations. Where onward evacuation or repatriation is needed, our team integrates with corporate medical assistance providers through detailed strategic planning, eliminating the risk of transferring care.

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“Bringing on a company like Remote Medical International that can perform on-site medical care is invaluable on a large scale project because of the ability to manage all medical cases at a local level. It allows a contractor like us to keep a closer eye on the health of our employees to ensure they all go home to their families in the same form they came to work.”

EHS Manager, Pipeline Construction Project

Mining Project Successes

Keep Your Workers Safe and Healthy

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