Military groups require medical training solutions that are applicable to their operating environment, but also offer practical certifications that are usable in the civilian world. Remote Medical International® (RMI) meets this need with our collection of training courses in remote medicine. Our courses combine civilian curriculum, such as Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), with additional training components to utilize those skills required in remote and unconventional environments. “Remote” can refer to any number of operational circumstances; however, there are regularly consistent factors, such as limited resources, extended time to reach definitive medical care, and harsh environments.

Organizationally, we are responsible for the medical care of thousands of individuals in similar locations ranging from the Middle East to Africa. Our programs of instruction are directly influenced based upon this ongoing experience. Our instructors have practical experience providing medical care in challenging conditions, adult-teaching skills, and the support of a comprehensive remote medical organization. These factors result in highly effective and engaging training programs, pass rates significantly above national averages, and course graduates with the skills and confidence to make a difference.


The instructors presented the material with such enthusiasm and dedication I was constantly focused and motivated. The weeks flew by and I feel that I absorbed more knowledge than in months of other training. Both instructors were relaxed, flexible and extremely patient. They interacted well in a military setting and met our learning objectives based on the Army/Navy requirements. Both are outstanding individuals I hope to one day emulate. Great job!

– CAG, US Army SOF


Remote and Challenging

Operating environments for military units vary widely, however, they have the commonality of being largely non-traditional – especially in regards to medicine. It is these non-traditional environments where RMI excels, as providing medical care or teaching others to provide medical care in challenging conditions is the entire premise of our business.

Integrated Medical Support

Our training courses are based on civilian curriculum but bolstered to address the unique needs of remote environments. Through this approach, our students are better prepared for medical emergencies while deployed, but also leave with civilian certifications.


Project Examples

US Army Special Operations Unit

Our training division developed and delivered customized Remote EMT training based upon the unique requirements of our client’s Special Forces group. The 26-day training certified participants as US National Registry EMTs, Remote EMTs, and US Coast Guard Medical Care Providers-In-Charge. This customized course significantly expanded upon the standard urban EMT program by including curriculum focused on remote medicine and extended care specific to the austere operating environments of the SFG. Using a mixture of lecture, multimedia presentations, realistic simulations, scenarios, and laboratory demonstrations, our instructors delivered a course that culminated in a 100% pass rate.

Mountain Warfare Training Center

We provide Remote EMT and Remote First Responder training to Marines at the Mountain Warfare Training Center in Bridgeport, California. Training is based on the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) curriculum, and encompasses elements of Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) in order to provide a robust program designed to enhance the soldier’s ability to treat and manage injuries and illnesses in the field.

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