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NGOs regularly work in remote and challenging locations, whether they be complex political environments, harsh climates, or distant from trustworthy medical care. Risks to employee health are inherent in these work conditions and many NGOs choose to mitigate those risks through medical programs designed specifically for their operations.
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Remote Medical International empowers your staff to respond to both routine and emergent medical situations by providing medical equipment, consulting, and other health and safety services.

We assess your needs and unique situations to design a custom program that fits within your time and budget requirements.

NGO medical training

Our Approach

Customized Programs

We excel at preparing NGOs to operate in remote and challenging conditions through our experience directly providing medical care in the same types of conditions on a commercial level. Through our experience on all seven continents, we stand ready to provide our expertise tailored to the unique nature of your work.

Integrated Medical Support

We offer a wide range of medical products and services that meet the various needs of NGOs. While each service we offer can be used individually, they are also designed to integrate seamlessly with one another.

For example, many NGOs require consulting, medical training, and medical equipment. As part of our consultation, we recommend options for training and equipment catered specifically to your group.

Continuity of Care

Our goal on every project is to improve the level of medical care available to your group. With work in remote and challenging places, we ensure each patient is cared for from the point of injury through resolution. That chain of care often includes a local or international evacuation, during which we can work with your organization’s medical assistance provider to ensure seamless and continuous care.

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“We have been thrilled with the level of service, response time, and advice received from the Remote Medical International global telemedicine crew.”

Director, Global Expeditions Group

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