NGOs are regularly working in remote and challenging locations, whether they be complex political environments, harsh climates, removed from trustworthy medical care, or many other difficult contexts. With this, risks to employee health are inherent and many NGOs are choosing to mitigate those risks through medical programs designed specifically for their operations.

Remote Medical International® (RMI) empowers your staff to respond to both routine and emergent medical situations through providing training, train-the-trainer programs, medical equipment, consulting, and more. We analyze your needs and unique situation and utilize our experience to design custom programs for your specific that work within your time and budget requirements.


Thank you for all the work in getting these trainings arranged, planned, and executed to include getting all of the gear out to us seamlessly. The team here in-country has greatly appreciated the high-quality trainings that you delivered and the broader CARE Afghanistan team is now also benefiting from the RMI support through more frequent High Risk/First Aid trainings being delivered by our staff who were trained by you. Thank you again for the work from start to finish as it definitely has made a difference to our staff and is increasing their readiness to safely work in a difficult operating context. We look forward to continuing to work with the RMI team in the near future, definitely in the Asia region and likely elsewhere.

– Asia Security Manager, CARE INTERNATIONAL


Remote and Challenging

RMI excels at preparing our NGO clients for operating in remote and challenging conditions through our experience directly providing medical care in the same type of conditions on a commercial level. Through our experience on all seven continents, we stand ready to provide our expertise, as well as learn about the unique nature of your work.

Integrated Medical Support

We offer a wide range of medical products and services that meet the various needs of NGOs. While each service we offer can be used individually, they are also designed to integrate seamlessly with one another when multiple services are utilized. For example, many NGOs work with us to provide them with consulting, medical training, and also medical equipment. As part of our consultation, we can recommend options for the other two items catered specifically for your group and an analysis of your needs. During training, we will then utilize the exact equipment that your employees will have at their fingertips on their project to improve their likelihood of successfully executing what they learned.

Continuity of Care

Our goal on every project we work on is to increase the level of medical care available for our clients. With work in remote and challenging places, this includes helping to make sure that a patient is well cared for from the point of injury through that injury being resolved. That chain of care can often mean a local or international evacuation, and RMI is well prepared to work with your organization’s medical assistance provider to ensure seamless and continuous care.


Project Examples

Global Private Foundation

We provide the medical training for the foundation’s High Risk Travel Program, which prepares employees to travel to their overseas project sites. This training helps prepare the employees for terrorist attacks, motor vehicle accidents, and common travel illnesses.

Global NGO

RMI provides Remote First Aid (RFA) and Remote Medicine Awareness Training (RMAT) to the organization’s employees in high-risk areas such as Afghanistan, Nepal, and Kenya. The employees also receive trauma kits and subsequent train-the-trainer certifications.

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