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Oil and gas companies operate in increasingly remote and challenging locations, which often involves work in high-risk areas with political unrest, difficult terrain, or other factors that heighten operational difficulty.
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Protecting the World’s Oil and Gas Workers on Land and at Sea

Our comprehensive health and safety services ensure the wellbeing of your employees as they explore for new resources and adapt to the world’s harshest work environments. Starting with risk management consulting to assess the threat level of an anticipated project site and continuing with emergency response planning, medical supply chain logistics, and medical resource staffing, we have all the services oil and gas companies need.

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Offshore Oil and Gas
Learn about our flexible health and safety services for offshore oil and gas installations.

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Pipeline Construction
Mitigate incidents and recordables, boost morale, and decrease costs on construction projects.

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Seismic Exploration
Get exceptional care throughout your project wherever your exploration activities take you.

Oil and Gas Project Successes

Global Offshore Oil Drilling
We manage a global master service agreement with a major global offshore drilling contractor. The scope of work provides a full complement of medical services including the delivery of medical staffing, topside support, medical assistance, and workplace health services to a global fleet of offshore drilling installations. We also staff QHSE Advisors to support their SMS.

We have successfully managed this complex project by ensuring the highest level of safety and medical care to our client’s workforce while maintaining compliance with local regulations across all areas of operation.

Pipeline Construction Company
Remote Medical International provides medical support to a premier pipeline construction firm recognized for its expertise in completing projects on time and under budget in extremely challenging conditions. We offer advanced medical capability to our client’s projects utilizing safety-trained medical providers working from our 4×4 Mobile Treatment Centers (MTCs) to be positioned close to construction activities.

As progress is made and the working site moves, our mobile solution allows our medical services to easily move with the project, ensuring immediate medical response for the workers and keeping them on-site for treatment. Patients requiring more advanced treatment are transferred to the care of local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in accordance with the Medical Emergency Response Plan we have developed for each project location.

Global Marine Seismic Company
We provide medical support services including on-site advanced medical providers, safety cross-trained providers, and topside assistance as well as worldwide medical equipment provisioning. Project locations have included Norway, Australia, Angola, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Trinidad, United Kingdom, Nigeria, and many more. Our providers work as an integrated member of our client’s team, supporting 50- to 100-person crews on vessels operating in offshore environments.

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“RMI has the proven medical expertise required for work in the Oil & Gas industry where we continue to push into remote environments worldwide. The flexibility, customization, dedication and commitment that the staff at RMI provide for each survey is unparalleled in the seismic industry. Additionally, the sense of personal pride exhibited by all of the RMI employees demonstrates their passion for the services and solutions that they provide.”

Vice President of QHSE, Marine Seismic Company

Ensure the Safety of Your Workforce, Onshore or Offshore

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