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Remote Medical International provides on-site workplace medical staffing, medical screenings, and assistance services designed to mitigate incidents and recordables, promote a healthy workforce, boost morale, and reduce costs on pipeline construction projects.

From clinical protocols to medical formularies, our systems are designed to supplement your health and safety programs, provide top-tier medical care, and maintain regulatory compliance.

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Our Approach

On-Site Medical Treatment

Pipeline construction is inherently challenging work due to the remote locations of the projects, where access to medical services is often limited. We understand that these projects require specialized services designed for remote locations and demanding terrains.

With our industry-leading Mobile Treatment Centers (MTCs), our medics can proactively prevent workplace health issues and are frequently able to treat employees on site without transferring them off the right-of-way.

Building Trust and Relationships

Our medics go above and beyond to build lasting relationships and trust with your employees while on the right-of-way. By administering frequent health check-ups, handing out water, making conversation, and learning their day-to-day, our medics can better understand the duties, needs, and health of your workers.

Close relationships boost employee morale and empower workers to feel more confident to address their medical needs so they can be assessed, treated, and deployed back to work sooner and before small injuries become larger problems.

Integrated Medical Support

We offer comprehensive services for all phases of your project life cycle. With a single-source solution, patients benefit from a higher level of care and employers benefit from enhanced savings and increased efficiency through our integrated services, including pre-employment screenings and drug and alcohol testing throughout the duration of the project.

Our on-site medical staff, medical clinics in the yard, and MTC’s patrolling the right-of-way ensure your workers are happy and healthy while on the job. Our 24/7 case management services are available to connect you to a doctor in under seven seconds and manage injuries from start to finish.

Continuity of Care

When injuries or illnesses on the job require a higher level of care, our active case management team coordinates and monitors care throughout the process. As a result, employers and employees benefit from our experience controlling costs and ensuring proper medical care is received.

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“Bringing on a company like Remote Medical International that can perform on-site medical care is invaluable on a large scale project because of the ability to manage all medical cases at a local level. It allows a contractor like us to keep a closer eye on the health of our employees to ensure they all go home to their families in the same form they came to work.”

EHS Manager, Pipeline Construction Project

Pipeline Construction Project Successes

Texas Pipeline Construction Company
When a normally healthy and reliable worker stayed home sick, our on-site nurse practitioner and paramedic paid a visit to the worker’s home about four miles off site. When they arrived, the man was visibly clutching his lower abdomen, which our providers immediately recognized as a sign of possible appendicitis. After a thorough examination in the worker’s home, our providers took the man to a nearby emergency room where they confirmed the appendicitis diagnosis and performed surgery that day.

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