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The search for viable oil and natural gas deposits takes exploration companies all over the world, often in difficult-to-reach locales on land and at sea.

Whether your seismic exploration project leads you to areas with tough terrain, political instability, or simply far away from established medical clinics, our workplace medical and safety professionals will travel with you and provide exceptional care throughout the duration of your project.

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Our Approach

On-Site, Mobile Medical Treatment

We can quickly establish fully equipped remote field clinics at your job site to serve as a main hub for on-site medical care. If your project covers a large area of land, we can deploy our custom-built Mobile Treatment Centers (MTCs) to provide access to medical care at the point of injury.

Integrated Medical Support

Our comprehensive medical services and global supply chain allow our medics to treat your employees on site without transferring them to an off-site clinic unless absolutely necessary. We can serve as your single source for trusted, high-quality medical care and workplace safety guidance. Benefit from our pre-employment and fit-for-duty medical screenings, case management, topside assistance, evacuations, and much more.

Continuity of Care

In the event we recommend off-site treatment for more severe injuries, our 24/7 case managers will handle the entire transfer and care process. From choosing a pre-vetted medical clinic to monitoring patient progress and controlling costs, we make sure your employees are cared for from start to finish.

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“RMI has the proven medical expertise required for work in the Oil & Gas industry where we continue to push into remote environments worldwide. The flexibility, customization, dedication and commitment that the staff at RMI provide for each survey is unparalleled in the seismic industry. Additionally, the sense of personal pride exhibited by all of the RMI employees demonstrates their passion for the services and solutions that they provide.”

Vice President of QHSE, Marine Seismic Company

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