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Harnessing the power of strong offshore winds to create renewable energy involves difficult construction conditions, heavy machinery, and massive components. Establishing safe working conditions and having on-site expert medical care is essential to the wellbeing of employees constructing and managing these powerful turbines.

Remote Medical International works with offshore wind installations in shallow waters and transitional waters up to 60 meters deep as well as inshore bodies of water like lakes and coastal areas.

With Round 3 wind farms being constructed further offshore than ever before and Operation and Maintenance being carried out on existing Round 2 wind farms, our medical and safety services are designed to minimize the risk to offshore personnel.

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Our Approach

Offshore Experience

Any offshore worksite is inherently challenging with a lack of nearby medical resources and the unpredictable elements of the sea. Our extensive experience in the maritime industry and offshore oil and gas installations has prepared our medical professionals to provide efficient and comprehensive medical care on offshore job sites and vessels.

Integrated Medical and Safety Support

We provide a full range of medical services — including medical staffing, safety staffing, topside support, case management, evacuation services, and medical emergency response plans — so you can trust one qualified provider.

We also staff QHSE Advisors to ensure adherence to your QHSE Safety and Management System (SMS). Our QHSE Advisors typically hold a NEBOSH International Certificate (or equivalent) and a BOSIET certificate.

Continuity of Care

We take every effort to treat your employees on site and return them to work when appropriate. In the event that off-site medical attention is required, we will execute your medical emergency response plan and oversee the transport of the patient to a nearby, vetted clinic, following through on the case until resolution.

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“Remote Medical International has worked on both Bibby Wavemaster vessels providing medics in support of various offshore wind projects over recent years, most recently on Hohe See Wind Farm off Germany and Galloper Wind Farm in the Southern North Sea. During the pandemic, Remote Medical was instrumental in keeping our offshore workers safe, both in providing screening, testing and consultation advice from their medical director to the senior management.”

Mark Whitehead, Commercial Manager, Bibby Marine Services

Offshore Wind Project Successes

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