Remote Medical International® (RMI) offers seamless continuity of care to our clients by providing a single point of contact for all of our integrated medical services. When a patient needs a higher level of care, we execute using our network of ground transportation, air ambulances, and medical facilities specific to our client’s area of operations. Where onward evacuation or repatriation is needed, we seamlessly integrate with corporate medical assistance providers through detailed pre-planning, eliminating the risk of transferring care.

Our team prioritizes prevention and risk management by tracking the progress of every case and maintaining regular communication with our clients. Whether transitioning between medical providers or product offerings, we facilitate “warm transfers” from one service to another. As an RMI client, you can rest easy knowing that your medical needs will never be lost in communication. From dedicated relationship managers to deployments shared between RMI medics, our operational style is built for comprehensive customer service. As a result, we help our clients keep costs down by accurately assessing and managing a situation to prevent costly and avoidable alternatives.