Remote Medical International® (RMI) offers comprehensive services for all phases of your project life cycle. As a single-source solution, patients benefit from a higher level of care and clients benefit from enhanced savings and increased efficiency. You can use us for every component of onsite medical services or select to use us for just the products and services that best fit your requirements. Our role is to support your project.

While they can be used individually, our services work best together to create a sort of ecosystem of medical support. Each of our services reinforces the others, and every product and service we deliver is backed by an extensive team of clinical, operational, and project management personnel. For example, we do not simply place a paramedic or doctor at your project site and expect them to operate in isolation.

We support every one of our medical providers with:

  • 24/7/365 access to dedicated topside physicians
  • Extensive protocols specific to occupational health in remote and challenging locations
  • Experienced project management teams
  • Medical supply chain that has delivered to over 120 countries
  • Ongoing training and continuing education opportunities

This structure increases the success rate and overall health of the people we serve and the projects we support, while reducing risk and costs.