At Remote Medical International® (RMI), our clients and the industries that we support are increasingly working in more and more remote and challenging places. Broadly, this can refer to geographic location, work conditions, environmental extremes, political instability, regulatory environments, or any number of other factors. Placing people in these locations comes with an inherent duty to ensure each person’s health and wellbeing. It also requires specialized knowledge within all functions of the project, especially with regard to taking care of your people’s medical needs.

Remote Medical International understands these conditions through experience on all seven continents, has processes in place for predictable success, and employs people with demonstrated experience providing excellent patient care in these conditions. As a result, our clients remain confident that they are receiving the best medical care, exactly when and where they need it. We are solely focused on providing the best on-site and on-project medical care in the industry.

Our focus is on preventing injuries and illnesses, mitigating their impact when they do occur, and working as an integrated part of our client’s teams to continually improve the health and wellbeing of your most important assets: your people.