Responsible for the entire logistics operation in Antarctica, our client was seeking new solutions for medical support. Prior to contracting with Remote Medical International (RMI), the client was utilizing multiple sub-contractors for telemedicine consults, medical staffing, medical equipment, pharmaceutical supply, and special projects for local search and rescue and fire department operations. While each contractor specialized in a particular area, these companies were not positioned to drive projects that spanned functions. Furthermore, our client required unique and customized solutions for the polar environment. They sought vetted experience and past performance in complex project management, polar medicine, and telemedicine.

Remote Medical International was initially brought in to staff the South Pole medical operation during the winter season. Beyond the challenging logistics inherent in the US Antarctic operation (extreme operating environment and distance from definitive medical care), evacuation is also limited and sometimes impossible during the winter. RMI provided the medical support necessary for the client to safely complete the mission at hand.

As the summer season began, RMI helped our client work with the US Antarctic Program, field-based physicians, and search and rescue specialists to clearly understand current gaps, develop a requirements document, and propose a solution to upgrade capabilities and infrastructure.

RMI provided our client with the following services:

  • 24-hour specialist telemedicine consultations to physicians working in Antarctica
  • A complete built-in and delivered digital x-ray system for the McMurdo medical facility
  • Two custom-designed and built Antarctic ambulances for the McMurdo Fire Department

Despite challenging logistics and the intricacies of working within the US Government contracting framework, all projects were completed and delivered on time. This included the delivery, setup, and training of a full-size x-ray facility, and two vehicles delivered to Antarctica while maintaining our client’s six-sigma targets.