Remote Medical International provides global medical solutions for a project in Kenya. This includes responsibility for the medical care of a workforce in a remote region with many venomous snakes.

Recently, this client’s existing stock of antivenom for snakebite was soon to expire. Remote Medical’s resident herpetologist and envenomations expert completed a thorough assessment of the client’s existing antivenom and snakebite capabilities.

The assessment took the following factors into consideration:

  • Project location
  • Dangerous snake species in the area
  • Epidemiology of snakebites in Kenya & clinical effects of their venoms
  • Evacuation time
  • Provider qualifications
  • Resources on project site
  • Incidence of snakebites among project staff
  • Relative risk

Through this comprehensive assessment, Remote Medical International was able to find an antivenom solution which offered additional capabilities for the client, as well a reduced cost. It could survive the region’s extreme temperatures without requiring refrigeration and had a shelf-life of over 10 years (vs. the three-year shelf-life of the previous antivenom).

Additionally, Remote Medical’s resident herpetologist created a custom manual and a series of protocols to facilitate the rapid assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of snakebites in the remote medicine environment. Early antivenom administration is associated with better outcomes, and the ability to treat these patients in the field can make the difference between a full recovery versus death or permanent disability.


Remote Medical International has over a decade of experience delivering medical services to global organizations working in remote and challenging environments. Our integrated and comprehensive medical support solutions range from medical training and equipment to on-site medical staffing. With experience in over 120 countries, we have the knowledge and flexibility to support your project.

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