When 14,000+ employees in remote parts of the Middle East need critical vaccinations, Remote Medical International® (RMI) delivers.

Upon a thorough discussion of their unique requirements, we accepted the challenge of safely shipping millions of dollars’ worth of refrigerated vaccines to Afghanistan on behalf of a US Government contractor. This was no simple task; hepatitis B, polio, tetanus, and meningitis vaccines are only effective if kept at a steady temperature of 2°-8° C (35°-46° F) during transit, which can last over 100 hours.

In the face of such a challenging environment with extreme temperatures, we utilized our extensive expertise in cold chain shipping and customs compliance and leveraged our global vendor network to secure both competitive pricing and other resources required to ensure the integrity and potency of the vaccines.

Within one week of the order being finalized, we were ready to ship. We had procured a vaccine refrigerator and a backup generator to properly store and assemble the cold chain shipment, completed all of the necessary customs paperwork, and received pre-clearance from customs for the shipment to avoid any delays.

Eighty-three hours later, the vaccines were safely delivered to Afghanistan at the proper temperature, which was constantly monitored and maintained throughout the long and complicated journey. The client was very pleased at our capability and efficiency, and was successfully able to vaccinate its employees with US-standard medications, and continues to use us for complex international vaccine and pharmaceutical shipments.