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If your employees get hurt on the job, does your company have a comprehensive injury reduction and immediate response plan in place? 

Whether it’s an acute or chronic musculoskeletal issue or an injury that requires OSHA approved first aid, your employees may need physical therapy. To keep your team healthy and productive, nurses, paramedics, and physical therapists can support their return to work after an injury.

You Need Options

It’s not enough to just have access to a vendor partner that can provide you with routine physical therapy. Work conditions are rarely ideal and it can help if you have on-the-spot options because you never know what might get in the way of an off-site evaluation or physical therapy session.

For example, look at the COVID-19 pandemic. This ongoing crisis has made doing business more challenging. It has made it significantly more difficult to get an injured employee evaluated safely.

Because of how COVID-19 has impacted everyday life, your company may need a physical therapy partner that:

  • Gives you the option to have your employees taken care of on the job site, or over telemedicine
    • Allowing employees to minimize their exposure to others if they need, or want to
    • Helping them feel more comfortable
    • Minimizing their anxiety by providing their treatment virtually
  • Is experienced and able to adapt well to current and changing conditions related to the pandemic


You should avoid working with a physical therapy partner that is inflexible on pricing. Especially if you have a high volume of employees who need injury prevention evaluation for their jobs’ physically demanding aspects.

Ideally, you need to work with a workplace health and safety company with a physical therapy offering that can be customized to fit all budgets.

Look for transparent pricing for the services you select to suit your needs, budget, and goals, without inflated operational delivery costs.

Look for a company that:

  • Demonstrates that they can reduce costs and reduce employee downtime by performing the services virtually or on the job site
  • Offers data that shows their virtual service is cheaper than having someone come onsite to do a check 
  • Will work with the employee to save them money by not having to get to a physical therapy office for their treatment, through virtual or onsite service

Remote Medical International and On-Site Solutions Physical Therapy

Remote Medical International and On-Site Solutions Physical Therapy have partnered to provide you with comprehensive physical therapy to take better care of employee injuries. It doesn’t matter where your business takes them, or how challenging the environment is, we’ll be there to treat their conditions.

Our flexible, physical therapy solution helps our clients manage and improve their workforce’s health and well-being. We are here to serve you both on the job site and over telemedicine.

A Physical Therapy Offering That Saves You Money and Returns Employees to Health and Productivity

  • We have saved our clients an average of 75% of Work Comp claims and Work Comp costs within the first 2 years 
  • Our onsite services decrease injury frequency rates by triaging and treating under OSHA first aid guidelines when appropriate, and only referring offsite when necessary
  • Our services are efficient as we can detect small issues and treat them before they develop into major musculoskeletal disorders; we tailor the treatment to the employee’s job demands

Keeping your employees at work is our goal. Collaboration between nurses, paramedics, and physical therapists on-project allows us to provide treatment for almost all work-related injuries, saving you time and money by treating the injury at your worksite.

And when it’s appropriate, we can provide them with services via telemedicine. 

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