Remote Medical International and Healix International

Remote Medical International and Healix International Announce Strategic Partnership

SEATTLE, March 1, 2016 — Remote Medical International, a global leader in onsite healthcare support for remote and challenging environments, and Healix International, a global leader in medical and security assistance services, have today announced the establishment of a strategic partnership.

Together, the two companies will leverage each other’s extensive expertise to provide an exceptional and comprehensive continuum of care to clients with operations around the world.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers the level of service and support for which Healix International is known,” said Wayne Wager, CEO of Remote Medical International. “By partnering with a world-class assistance company like Healix, we can now improve the safety and security of our clients’ global employees and operations.”

Remote Medical International provides critical onsite medical services to global companies across a wide variety of industries. These services include medical staffing, training, medical direction, and equipment procurement. Healix International excels at allowing global employers to fulfill their duty of care requirements by overseeing the health and safety needs of business travelers, expatriates, and their families in every country in the world.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with Remote Medical International to offer our clients a best-in-class solution for their on-project medical needs,” said Scott Sunderman, CEO of Healix International. “Having worked collaboratively on projects already, I have witnessed first-hand how our combined efforts can increase the level of care and reduce costs for our clients. The formalization of our relationship seemed like a natural step for us and will further our shared vision of improving the health and wellbeing of clients living and working in remote and challenging locations.”

Remote Medical International and Healix International both have proven track records of improving patient care while reducing costs, recordable incidents, and medical evacuations. Combined, both companies have an increased ability to offer seamless service integration and provide customers with access to trusted care and medical support wherever in the world they work.

Remote Medical International and Healix International


About Remote Medical International

Seattle-based Remote Medical International is a leading global provider of integrated medical support solutions, medical supplies, personnel, training, and technology, designed to meet the health and safety requirements of land-based and offshore customers operating in remote locations and harsh environments. Established in 2003, RMI has been recognized four times by Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. RMI has locations within the United States, United Kingdom, and Kenya. For more information about Remote Medical International, visit or call +1 206 686 4878.

Remote Medical International and Healix International

About Healix International

Healix has provided healthcare and risk management solutions to clients around the world since 1992 and offers bespoke services to clients wanting control over their health, travel, and risk provision. They have built their reputation on medical expertise, understanding of risk, and the ability to move with the times, boasting a track record of service excellence and product innovation. Today, Healix responds to over 600,000 annual calls for assistance and 5,100 aeromedical evacuations in 160 countries. For more information about Healix International, visit or call +44 (0) 20 8481 7720.