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Since the start of the pandemic, many people have become more familiar with the concept of telemedicine. Patients can call or video chat with physicians and receive remote diagnoses. No one ever has to enter a doctor’s office.

With the focus on telemedicine during the pandemic, Remote Medical International (RMI) expanded its U.S. telemedicine service to meet the demand. RMI Access Telemedicine now provides 24/7 telemedicine across the United States.

RMI Access Telemedicine

Many project sites don’t have a medical provider on-site, so it makes sense for the injured or ill employee to be able to talk directly to a physician. This patient-to-doctor direct connection is usually referred to as telemedicine. The injured or ill employee is diagnosed by the physician and may be sent to the pharmacy for a prescription or a clinic for follow-up care.

Since employees have access to physicians to discuss injuries in and out of the workplace, this service can lead to better outcomes for employees. It was also an important service to add during the pandemic, since employees may not be able to be examined due to COVID concerns.

How is This Telemedicine Different From RMI’s Existing Services? 

RMI Access Telemedicine is limited to the United States market and can be put in place without a medical provider on-site.

Our existing physician consultation services in the United States have generally utilized a medical provider on-site. The medical provider and physician discuss the case and determine the best course of treatment. The medical provider outlines the capabilities available (like x-ray or antibiotics) and the physician helps provide a solution that works with the capabilities in remote project areas.

Another existing product that is similar to RMI Access Telemedicine but with distinct differences is our Global Topside. This service is not limited to the United States. With this service, either medical providers or designated persons can call to talk to RMI medical coordinators and physicians.

RMI’s physician consult and Global Topside are still being utilized in many projects. RMI Access Telemedicine does not replace any of these services. Instead, it is another option for medical support in the United States.

When is RMI Access Telemedicine Appropriate? 

RMI’s patient-to-doctor telemedicine service, RMI Access Telemedicine, is intended for sites that have medical facilities in the area. Since there is no medical provider sitting with the patient, the physician may utilize existing facilities to find a solution. For example, the doctor may refer a patient to a pharmacy for antibiotics.

A pharmacy needs to be easy to access in this scenario. The patient also needs to have the bandwidth to connect easily with the doctor.

RMI Access Telemedicine is intended for sites that don’t have a medical provider there to address questions. Instead, the patient can contact a physician via RMI Access Telemedicine.

Tailored Telemedicine Solutions

RMI can work with your project team to determine the best solution for your site whether it includes medical staffing or just telemedicine. We can even bundle in additional services like evacuation coordination or case management for return-to-work. We want to help improve your employee’s health outcomes for injuries and illness at work.

Interested in Telemedicine Services?

Access Telemedicine to Support Employee Health