RMI to Deploy Upgraded EMR System Designed for Remote Environments

With full-scale implementation scheduled for early 2015, Remote Medical International (RMI) is currently in the beta phase of updating its electronic medical record (EMR) system, which supports and strengthens RMI’s patient care capabilities. By adopting new software dedicated to tracking and centralizing clinical information, RMI medical providers and the RMI Topside Assistance team will have global access to a secure database of patient care records that allow for more efficient and informed medical response.

After a thorough evaluation process, RMI selected eClinicalWorks’ EMR system for its ability to integrate medical record charting, portals, and immunization tracking into one platform that is conducive to offline or limited bandwidth environments.

Upon request and subsequent approval from RMI, our clients will be able receive a greater variety of detailed reports including population health trends and immunization tracking which can be filtered and analyzed to present clinical data. RMI clients will benefit from reduced overhead and increased cost control through the increased efficacy and centralization of medical records management. Employers can also track health initiatives, monitor work vs. non-work related cases, analyze types of injuries and illnesses, and review other statistical medical data throughout their work sites worldwide.

RMI’s EMR system will operate in compliance with US and international privacy regulations with a security level suitable for clients in the defense and private sector industries. In 2015, RMI clients will be able to self-register, fill out questionnaires, upload information, and download care records using a secure online portal. When used by RMI staff, the EMR system will be deployed via secure portable USB drive with hardware encryption to ensure confidentiality. The device enforces an authorized password to unlock data and applications and, with remote management capabilities, can be wiped clean to prevent security breaches if lost or stolen.

With clients operating all over the world, RMI is proud to adopt a clinical management system that facilitates customization, accessibility, and informed medical care in remote and challenging locations.