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Remote Medical International Featured on Security Guy Radio

Remote Medical International® (RMI) was recently featured on Security Guy Radio, discussing how the company helps corporate and private clients proactively prepare for, and respond to, medical emergencies in remote locations and the importance of medical support, training, and appropriate medical equipment in a variety scenarios.

Security Guy Radio regularly interviews the top security experts in the field to provide an inside look into the latest news and trends of the industry.

The show’s host, Chuck Harold, spoke in detail with Tom Milne, Sales Manager, and Jarod Trow, Remote Paramedic and Instructor, on the unique exposure clients have across a number of industries, as well as how useful remote medical training can be in an urban environment. By definition, “remote” indicates that the potential patient is over an hour away from a hospital, however, locations that traditionally have access to ample medical resources can quickly turn remote should a disaster or major incident occur.

The program also highlights how personal management companies and executive protection, field operations, and corporate logistics teams can utilize RMI’s:

  • Private and public medical training courses
  • Staffing services
  • 24/7 access to medical support through the Global Coordination Center
  • Medical kits, including the Award-Winning Remote First Aid Kit

The entire podcast can be heard here.