Healthcare Guidance. Anywhere, anytime.

Our topside assistance services extend world-class medical advice and resources to any location in the world at any time. The Remote Medical International Global Coordination Center is accessible by phone, email, secure video chat software, or telemedicine device. On average, it takes only seven seconds to speak to a medical coordination specialist who oversees all aspects of case management and provides connection to all of our topside assistance resources.

Our 24/7 Topside Assistance services include:

Medical Advice

Includes consultations with actively practicing, board-certified emergency and specialist physicians.

Dedicated Case Coordinator

A Remote Medical International Medical Coordination Specialist coordinates, tracks, and documents every aspect of each case in our electronic medical record system, from start through resolution.

Medical Facility Referrals

Combining our own experience with key medical and security intelligence partners, we provide referrals to vetted medical and dental facilities worldwide, and let you know which facilities to avoid.

Global Evacuation Coordination

By accurately assessing and managing a situation, we often help you prevent costly and avoidable evacuations. If the need for an evacuation arises, Remote Medical International Topside Assistance coordinates every step through our network of ground and air transportation providers and medical facilities.

Hospital Admission and Payment Guarantees

We arrange and guarantee hospital admission and payment for medical costs in order to avoid any delays in care.

Prescription Authorization

Clients receive the ability to purchase prescription medications through Remote Medical International.

Medical Interpreting Services

Medical interpretation services are available in over 200 languages.

Imminent Life Threat Protocols

Clients are never greeted by an automated recording. All calls connect directly to Remote Medical International Medical Coordination Specialists who are themselves trained medical providers. Utilizing protocols authorized by our Medical Director, they can address primary life threats such as choking, anaphylaxis, and severe bleeding in the critical moments before a physician comes to the line.

Remote Medical International 24/7 Topside Assistance vs. Global Assistance

We are often asked what the difference is between our 24/7 Topside Assistance compared to a global medical and security assistance policy. The primary difference is that our service is specifically designed to direct the onsite medical treatment of personnel working on a project or at a specific site. Global assistance policies, on the other hand, are part of a comprehensive and compliance-driven travel risk management program. These programs are designed to provide a wide variety of medical, security and travel tracking resources to organizations that have travelers, expats, and accompanying family members at locations worldwide.

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