What is RMI Topside Assistance?

RMI Topside Assistance is a global telemedicine service that provides members direct medical advice and logistical support anywhere in the world, 24/7. Through Topside Assistance, members receive unlimited access to our Global Coordination Center staffed by medical professionals around the clock. Our team of remote medical specialists provides members with a single point of contact to see cases from start to finish. We assess and monitor our clients’ medical condition, provide emergency consultation and advice, walk clients through step-by-step treatment, and coordinate evacuation if necessary.

How does RMI Topside Assistance work?

RMI Topside Assistance members have unlimited access to our Global Coordination Center and may access telemedicine services by calling or emailing the Topside Assistance phone number or email  located on the back of the membership card.

What is the difference between RMI's Topside Assistance and a global assistance policy?

We are often asked what the difference is between RMI’s 24/7 Topside Assistance compared to a global medical and security assistance policy, such as those offered by RMI’s partner, Healix International. The primary difference is that our service is specifically designed to direct the onsite medical treatment of personnel working on a project or at a specific site. Global assistance policies, on the other hand, are part of a comprehensive and compliance-driven travel risk management program. These programs are designed to provide a wide variety of medical, security and travel tracking resources to organizations that have travelers, expats, and accompanying family members at locations worldwide.

How do I become a member?

To become a Topside Assistance member, please contact our corporate headquarters to be connected with a Relationship Manager.

How long is my membership valid?

Topside Assistance memberships are active for twelve months and renew automatically unless otherwise specified. Please see the front of your card for the date of your membership. If you have special requirements for membership length, please contact our corporate headquarters to speak with a Relationship Manager.

What should I do if my RMI Topside Assistance card is lost or stolen?

In the event that your card I lost or stolen, please contact our corporate headquarters to request a replacement card.

Do I need a certain level of medical training to become a RMI Topside Assistance member?

No. RMI Topside Assistance provides all members with medical assistance regardless of medical expertise.

What do I do if I need a doctor?

Call Topside Assistance to speak with a Global Coordination Center specialist who will review your case and put you in touch with an RMI physician who speaks your language.

Does my membership include prescription authorization?

If deemed necessary by a Topside Assistance physician, members can receive prescription authorizations to be used under the physician’s direction.

What if my prescription medication is lost or stolen?

RMI Topside Assistance members are eligible for medication replacement once the prescription is verified with the prescribing physician.

When is evacuation necessary?

A RMI Topside Assistance physician will evaluate your case and advise evacuation depending on the severity of your case. In the event of a threatening non-medical situation such as civil and political unrest, Topside Assistance will provide evacuation coordination at member discretion.

What if I am hospitalized in a foreign country?

If you require hospitalization, the RMI Topside Assistance team will coordinate safe and timely transportation to an RMI-approved hospital near your location via a doctor-to-doctor referral. Our Global Coordination Center specialists will confirm your arrival, record all necessary contact information, and remain in contact as needed.

For an additional fee, you may request a Topside Assistance physician to monitor your care once you are admitted. By utilizing case management services, our team will verify that you are receiving appropriate care. When your condition is stabilized or if you require further evacuation, Topside Assistance will arrange transportation to your destination of choice.

What if local medical facilities are not adequate?

As a RMI Topside Assistance member, you have access to the best medical facilities around the globe. If you arrive at a medical facility that does not meet your needs, Topside Assistance will arrange transportation to an RMI-approved hospital near your location.

If you wish to have an international medical facility examined prior to leaving the country, we offer Local Health Facilities Reviews (LHFR) at an additional cost. From intensive desktop research to a thorough onsite audit, the LHFR delivers peace of mind by auditing, documenting and verifying the logistical and operational details of a medical facility. The LHFR verifies clinical standards, medical equipment, policies and protocols, hours of operation, and communication capabilities.

Will RMI Topside Assistance pay for my medical expenses?

With a payment guarantee, Topside Assistance will pay all medical costs accumulated during your hospitalization.

What if I need a lawyer when I'm abroad?

If you need legal assistance, our Global Coordination Center specialist will provide you with legal referrals based on your location.

What services are available in the event of death?

RMI Topside Assistance will employ all means possible to obtain clearance and arrange transportation for the return of mortal remains.