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When your work requires international travel, you need a comprehensive, compliance-driven global travel assistance plan to ensure the safety of your employees and their families. Our corporate medical assistance package was designed by expats and international security experts and is guided by our industry-leading risk management intelligence to assess and manage threats to your travelers worldwide.


What Is Corporate Medical Assistance?

Our all-inclusive package includes:

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Medical Resource Referral and Case Management

In the event of an illness or injury while abroad, we provide 24/7/365 access to dedicated topside assistance backed by practicing western emergency medicine physicians and specialists. If needed, we will coordinate patient care at a trusted local clinic or hospital, including appointment scheduling, transportation, patient monitoring, and discharge planning.

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Evacuation Coordination

With our global network of vetted partners, we coordinate efficient, timely, and safe project-based medical and non-medical evacuations to the most suitable medical facility, point of safety, or home of record. In the unfortunate event of a death, we can also provide the repatriation of human remains with the necessary sensitive handling of the case.

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Expense Guarantees

When needed and where available, we can provide a guarantee of payment to a third-party medical provider on behalf of the patient or company. Arranging and guaranteeing hospital admission and payment for medical costs can avoid any delays in care.

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Translation Services and Emergency Message Transmission

We provide interpretation and translation services in over 200 languages in support of our global topside services. All language interpretations are compliant with HIPAA and other applicable laws and regulations to safeguard patient privacy. We can also assist with receiving and sending emergency correspondence between the patient and their family.

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Legal Services and Lost Documentation Services

We can connect you with local lawyers and legal resources when you need representation or legal advice. If a member of your party loses a passport or other documentation while travelling, we will assist in the replacement process based on the country’s procedures.

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Money Transfers

In need of funds while abroad? We can arrange for cash advances or money transfers at Western Union locations worldwide in the local currency.

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Security Services

With a long history providing corporate security services, we can ensure the security and safety of your employees throughout the duration of their travels.

Medical Assistance

Global medical assistance policies are part of a comprehensive, compliance-driven travel risk management program designed to provide a variety of medical, security, and travel tracking resources to organizations that have travelers, expats, and accompanying family members at locations worldwide.

We provide both types of services to best fit your medical and safety needs.

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“We have been thrilled with the level of service, response time, and advice received from the Remote Medical International global telemedicine crew.”

Director, Global Expeditions Group

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