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When operating in demanding industrial environments, you need access to exceptional medical advice and care coordination for your workers. RMI provides two options for your employees.

Telemedicine provides 24/7 access to providers licensed in all 50 states via a virtual platform.

Case Management provides 24/7 access to medical advice plus coordinated oversight of all follow-up care needed.

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Operating in Demanding Industrial Environments

There is inherent risk in almost all industrial work. Contributing factors include the nature of the work, as well as the location and environment of the worksite. While our clients rely on strong health and safety programs to mitigate this risk, workplace illness and injury are inevitable.

Managing these cases as an employer – while providing the best care possible for the employee – can present logistical and administrative challenges. If these cases are managed poorly, adverse effects may include suboptimal treatment, unnecessary recordables, lost time, and increased workers’ compensation premiums.

Remotely Delivered Telemedicine & Case Management

RMI Access™ offers a telemedicine and case management solution that addresses the challenges presented by demanding industrial environments. Rather than relying solely on local healthcare infrastructure or establishing a worksite clinic, telemedicine offers top-notch care to your worksite virtually to save costs and improve patient outcomes.

RMI Access logoRMI Access is offered in two convenient products:

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Telemedicine provides direct anytime, anywhere access to licensed medical providers trained in industrial injury management:

  • 24/7/365 access. Industrial work often extends well beyond the 9–5 workweek. Telemedicine provides timely 24/7/365 access to providers for around-the-clock medical care exactly when and where you need it. Your employees can access the telemedicine service at work or away from the job site.
  • Providers licensed in all 50 states. Your work may not be limited to a single location. Telemedicine delivers access to providers licensed to perform telemedicine in all 50 states, giving you coverage anywhere your work may take you.
  • App-based video communication. Workers need quick, convenient access to medical advice. Telemedicine provides a web application that enables patients to input the nature of their injury or illness and receive medical advice via chat or video.
  • Support during off-hours. Telemedicine supports injuries and illness during off-hours. Your employees can seek advice and care regarding work or non-work-related ailments, with access outside of the jobsite.

Case Management

For employers seeking comprehensive end-to-end care for their workers, RMI’s case management service delivers successful outcomes through effective planning, fast response, ongoing injury management, and detailed reporting:

  • Direct telephonic connection. Worksites and employee populations may vary in their ability to access internet applications. Case management gives patients the option to connect to the service via a direct phone call.
  • Evidence-based conservative treatment. Demanding industrial worksites present unique challenges from a medical care perspective. Case management works exclusively with licensed medical providers uniquely trained in evidence-based conservative treatment, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients and employers.
  • Clinical resource selection. Identifying and selecting clinics and other medical resources for worksites can create significant administrative workload. Case management pre-identifies clinical resources for each of your worksites, removing the workload from your team and ensuring access to appropriate resources.
  • End-to-end injury support. Tracking and managing clinic visits, appointments, and next steps for injured industrial employees can be time consuming and require clinical knowledge. Case management is a workplace-only offering that coordinates care every step of the way until the employee returns to work or is handed over to your workers’ compensation team.
  • RMI InSights™: Data is key for effective business planning. RMI InSights is an employer-based multi-site dashboard with real-time reports, alerts, and analytics, such as patient interactions, sites where injuries occurred, and type of injury. Within the bounds of HIPAA, RMI InSights is adaptable to organizational needs, allowing your safety team to always stay informed.
    (coming late 2021)

RMI Access™


Case Management

24/7/365 access


Providers licensed in all 50 states


Emergency providers uniquely trained in evidence-based conservative treatment


App-based video communication


Direct telephonic connection


Clinical resource selection


End-to-end injury support


RMI InSights™ health dashboard


coming late 2021

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“We have been thrilled with the level of service, response time, and advice received from the Remote Medical International global telemedicine crew.”

Director, Global Expeditions Group

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