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When your worksite operates 24/7/365, you need the same anytime access to top-notch medical assistance and deployment services. Remote Medical International provides telemedicine support day and night led by doctors and consultants experienced in remote healthcare.

When our remote medical providers are supported by telemedicine physicians, your employees get the best routine treatment or trauma care.

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Expert Healthcare Guidance a Phone Call Away

The Remote Medical International Global Coordination Center is instantly accessible by phone or email. On average, it takes only seven seconds to connect with a Medical Coordination Specialist who will direct you to the appropriate clinical resource and serve as your case manager from start to finish.

Better Care. Fewer Recordables.

When a job-related injury occurs, ensuring appropriate and effective care is critical to a positive outcome for the employee and employer. Remote Medical International’s case management service delivers successful outcomes through effective planning, fast response, ongoing case management, and detailed reporting.

Our case management is different because we work hard to build the trusted relationships necessary to deliver the best outcomes, even for complicated cases. We do this by:

  • Responding to incidents with board-certified physicians whose medical advice employees are more likely to trust and who are better equipped to speak with treating doctors and specialists
  • Building direct relationships with clinics, including physician-to-physician conversations, rather than relying on generic referral networks
  • Offering a customer success program that empowers your health and safety staff to effectively introduce the service to your workforce, increasing the chance that they contact the case management hotline when an injury occurs
  • Providing a 24/7/365 Global Coordination Center run by trained Medical Coordination Specialists and telemedicine physicians to manage all medical inquiries


Our approach to case management provides significant benefits to both your organization and your employees, including:

  • Better health outcomes for patients due to research-driven, conservative treatment protocols
  • Reductions in unnecessary recordable incidents
  • Less lost time and faster return to work
  • Reductions in workers’ compensation costs
  • Consistent injury response processes across worksites
  • Seamless integration with our on-site medical screening and on-site physical therapy services

Key Components


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We identify medical facilities that provide appropriate occupational care near each of your worksites. For each location, we identify:

  • A primary and secondary occupational health or urgent care clinic
  • Closest Emergency Department and/or trauma center
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Orthopedist
  • Outpatient imaging

When vetting a clinic, we confirm the resource is fit for purpose (i.e., drug screen collections, x-ray, etc.), availability for after-hours care, comprehension of OSHA sensitivity (i.e., recordables, lost time), and acceptance of your company’s specific workers’ compensation insurance.

After we have fully vetted a clinic, we provide them with the tools to ensure conformance to policies and procedures.


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When an injury of any level occurs, our board-certified physicians are available by phone 24/7/365 via our Global Coordination Center to help ensure an optimal outcome.

On average, it takes only seven seconds for a Medical Coordination Specialist to answer the call, who then connects you to one of our physicians. Every patient — no matter how minor or serious the injury — speaks with a licensed doctor to determine if on-site treatment is appropriate, or if a clinic visit is necessary.


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When a case is taken off site, you can trust Remote Medical International’s case management services to help you navigate the local healthcare system and ensure an appropriate, cost-effective treatment. We arrange and guarantee hospital admission and payment for medical costs to avoid any delays in care.

We recommend appropriate medical facilities that often specialize in occupational medicine, schedule appointments and send reminders, review treatments to verify appropriateness and cost-effectiveness, and confirm adherence to post-appointment treatments by the patient.

By being involved in the case from the start to finish, we can reduce unnecessary recordable incidents, keep workers’ compensation costs as low as possible, and help reduce lost time by returning employees to work quickly.


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We know that data is the lifeblood of effective management, so we provide regular reports on the status of cases, including:

  • Real-time communication with the local health and safety manager and the project superintendent whenever an incident occurs
  • Status updates for ongoing cases every time one of our staff interacts with the patient or their doctors
  • Monthly injury reports showing metrics such as patient interactions, sites where injuries occurred, work-related or not, and type of injury

Our reporting tools ensure you’re always up to date on active cases and can identify trends in workplace safety, presenting targeted solutions during the course of a project.

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“We have been thrilled with the level of service, response time, and advice received from the Remote Medical International global telemedicine crew.”

Director, Global Expeditions Group

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