Help employees recover faster.

Our comprehensive case management service lowers costs and reduces recordables by establishing partnerships with local occupational health clinics, providing physician phone consultations, and overseeing treatments.

A Network of Vetted Occupational Health Clinics

We survey every project area for the closest occupational medicine facility, using our database of 1,000+ clinics as a starting point. Whenever possible, we locate a secondary facility in the event that a backup option is necessary.

When vetting clinics, we confirm:

  • Worker’s compensation insurance is within their network
  • Proper certifications for medical testing (i.e. drug screen collections, x-ray, etc.)
  • Availability for after-hour care
  • Acceptance of medical protocols, and willingness to work within our protocols
  • Comprehension of OSHA sensitivity, recordables, and lost time
  • Pricing

Once we have fully vetted a clinic, we provide them with a medical packet that includes protocols, instructions, insurance information, worker’s compensation & billing information, and any necessary testing documents, such as chain of custody forms.

24/7/365 Physician Consultation

Not every worksite injury requires a visit to a clinic. When an injury of any level occurs, we encourage the patient and safety personnel to have a phone consultation with one of Remote Medical International’s trusted physicians to establish the best course of action.

We provide a direct phone line to our Global Coordination Center, which can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. On average, it takes only seven seconds for a medical coordination specialist to answer, who then connects the call with one of our physicians. Every patient—no matter how minor or serious the injury—speaks with a licensed doctor to determine if on-site treatment is appropriate, or if a clinic visit is necessary.

Oversight of Treatments

Although it’s preferable to treat worksite injuries on-site, sometimes it’s necessary to treat a patient at an off-site medical facility. When a case is taken off-site, you can trust Remote Medical International case management services to help you navigate the healthcare system and ensure an appropriate, cost-effective treatment is given.

We can:

  • Recommend appropriate medical facilities that often specialize in occupational medicine
  • Schedule appointments and send reminders
  • Review treatments to verify they are appropriate and cost-effective
  • Confirm post-appointment treatments are followed

From the initial injury to full recovery, our case management service ensures that any third-party clinicians are knowledgeable in both the employee’s work situation and in the appropriate medical care practices for the injury. We use our electronic health record system for case management, record management, and reporting functions throughout the process.

By being involved in the case from the start, and closely monitoring it for its duration, we can reduce unnecessary recordable incidents, keep workers’ compensation costs as low as possible, and help reduce lost time by returning employees to work as quickly as possible.

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