At Remote Medical International®, we offer a wide range of flexible clinic solutions for our clients that are available for purchase or lease. Our clinics, mobile treatment centers, and ambulances provide clients with an international standard of medical care on location at your project, anywhere in the world.

Fixed Clinics

We can provide a modular, weatherproof, and self-contained rapid set-up clinic at the client’s requested location for short-term projects and small teams, or outfit an existing structure or room(s) with all of the required medical equipment and supplies, based on international standards and customized to specified needs. Additionally, we can supply a tented solution or ISO standard container, fully equipped with all necessary medical supplies.

Our clinics are outfitted based on our medical equipment and supply formularies, specific to the project location, type of work being performed, size of population at risk, and client budget.

Mobile Treatment Centers (MTCs)

Remote Medical International Mobile Treatment Centers (MTC) are four-wheel drive clinics that allow our medical providers to give on-site treatment at remote, challenging, or industrial project locations that are not conducive to a standard ambulance. Our MTC solution allows our providers to act as first responders rather than waiting to treat patients before or after shifts or after transport. Mobile Treatment Centers help avoid significant lost time by prioritizing preventative care and enabling workers to be treated on-site whenever possible.

In addition to a treatment area, storage, and hand-washing facilities, our Mobile Treatment Centers come equipped with first aid supplies and emergency response equipment including an automated external defibrillator, trauma management equipment, and a backboard and litter for patient transport. We monitor inventory and can coordinate restocking from our warehouses in Seattle, Washington, and Nairobi, Kenya.


Remote Medical International can help facilitate the purchase of an ambulance for your project, anywhere in the world. We also work with many local ambulance services across the globe to guarantee timely service to your project site.

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