Rapid Operational Restoration and Resilience

Our comprehensive COVID-19 services create a healthy environment for your workforce and the community while ensuring a rapid restoration of business activities and enduring resilient operations during the global COVID-19 pandemic.
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Key Components of Our COVID-19 Services

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We recognize that every business has a unique operating environment with its own set of requirements. A one-size-fits-all solution does not work. Our mission is to understand your needs and balance those needs with the latest guidelines, best practices, and in-house expertise. We can develop a COVID-19 management program that is ideally suited for your business.

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Screening is the first layer of assessment for COVID-19. Our screening processes use the latest CDC guidelines and our industry experience to assess individuals for signs and symptoms related to COVID-19. Depending on your requirements, we can deliver our screening services on site with medically trained personnel or remotely via mobile and web applications.

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When more objective data is needed, adding testing is a good option. While there are many strategies and types of COVID-19 testing, we offer a complete range of customizable solutions that will fit your needs.

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Case Management
When individuals test positive for COVID-19, it is crucial to have a case management strategy in place. We assist by ensuring these individuals receive the appropriate care and quarantine recommendations. We’ll help them return to work when the time comes.

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Vaccine Administration
As the coronavirus vaccine rollout continues to evolve, businesses and community organizations want to offer on-location COVID-19 vaccinations to employees. Vaccine availability and administration regulations vary from state to state, so contact us to discuss your organization’s suitability for on-site COVID-19 vaccinations.

COVID-19 Management Goals

  • Reduce your liability
  • Keep your workforce safe and healthy
  • Keep your employees working
  • Support your local communities
  • Deliver solutions via your existing resources

Webinar: Operational Stability with a COVID‑19 Management Plan

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“Bringing on a company like Remote Medical International that can perform on-site medical care is invaluable on a large scale project because of the ability to manage all medical cases at a local level. It allows a contractor like us to keep a closer eye on the health of our employees to ensure they all go home to their families in the same form they came to work.”

EHS Manager, Pipeline Construction Project

Protect Your Employees and the Local Community

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