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COVID-19 testing helps mitigate the risk of unknowingly exposing your organization to the coronavirus and can help keep your organization compliant with industry, union, local, state, and federal regulations.

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COVID-19 Testing Options

Rapid On-Site Testing

Rapid on-site testing is the most cost-effective and allows employers to see testing results quickly. When used appropriately, faster results can mean faster decision-making and reduced risk.

How Rapid On-Site Testing Works

Rapid on-site testing utilizes test kits that are shipped to your project site. RMI manages the logistics of shipping kits. From there, your company has options for how the testing process is managed. One of the options below may fit your company better than the others:

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Video Guided Testing
Fully remote telehealth RMI-proctored antigen test

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RMI Staffed Testing
On-site RMI staff manage, collect, analyze, and report tests. Both molecular and antigen tests are available

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Self Performed Testing
Antigen testing with test kits provided by RMI, fully managed by your organization

RMI Advantages (Rapid On-Site Testing)

  • Multiple service delivery options to meet your needs
  • Multiple test types available including Abbott ID Now, ThermoFisher Accula, Quidel Quickvue, Carestart Rapid Antigen
  • Easy participant registration and reporting via our online web-portal
  • Solutions available for organizations of all types and sizes

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory-based molecular testing, also known as RT-PCR testing, provides accurate results and is considered by many to be the “gold-standard” of COVID-19 testing. RMI has extensive experience providing laboratory-based molecular testing across the US and Europe.

How Laboratory Testing Works

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RMI collects on-site or home self-collection via nasal swab or saliva

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RMI ships samples to the lab via FedEx overnight or courier

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The lab provides analysis within 24 hours. Sub 12-hour options available

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Reports are delivered via a web-portal to the client and participant

RMI Advantages (Laboratory Testing)

  • Sample collection via saliva or nasal swab
  • Home self-collection and on-site RMI managed collection
  • Appropriately licensed and trained healthcare providers conducting all nasal swabs
  • Easy participant registration and reporting via our online web-portal
  • A national network of laboratories to expedite logistics
  • A national courier network to get the samples to the lab quickly
  • 24-hour turnaround times from receipt at the laboratory
  • Web-based employer dashboards for HIPAA compliant results reporting

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