Remote Medical International® specializes in the medical, logistical, and regulatory processes necessary to relocate patients in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner. When a medical emergency requires definitive or superior care, we coordinate efficient, timely, and safe evacuations from point of injury to the nearest and most suitable medical facility.

With access to a fleet of air ambulances and a global network of vetted regional partners, we help our clients navigate the world’s most difficult extraction points by contracting expert aviation and medical staff that ensure the highest qualify of patient care. Every flight is conducted by highly experienced and certified flight crews trained in patient handling and critical care transfers. We can also coordinate non-medical evacuations in the event of political unrest or natural disaster.

International Repatriation

Our team is supported by an extensive database of medical, aviation, and surface transport contacts worldwide. If a patient is able to travel back to their home country, we coordinate repatriations with options that include:

  • Bed-to-bed road transfers by ambulance or medical car
  • Commercial flights (seated, stretcher, or full Intensive Care Unit)
  • Air ambulance

For all repatriations and medical evacuations, we liaise with the treating doctor, monitor the patient’s condition, establish transportation clearance and booking, and secure a hospital bed. In the unfortunate event of death, we can also provide the repatriation of human remains with the necessary sensitive handling of the case.

Client Communication

From initial inquiry to hospital delivery, we keep you up-to-date on the evacuation process. With instant access to medical interpreters speaking more than 200 languages, we help ensures that communication is not a barrier. Our Medical Coordination Specialists perform regular audits on agreements with higher-level care facilities and test compliance to ensure evacuation readiness is maintained. We consolidate all medical records and logistical details from evacuations and repatriations into the patient’s secured electronic file for future reference.

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