Reduce Risks & Improve Productivity With Healthy Living Initiatives

Remote Medical International’s health promotion programs encourage employees to pursue healthy and responsible living in any environment. Whether your team is operating on a vessel or in a developing country, our program strengthens workplace culture through multifaceted and engaging programming that reduces lost time, increases vitality, and optimizes employee Health Safety & Environment (HSE).

Our health promotion programs demonstrate an active interest in employee occupational health by providing resources that generate positive outcomes for employers and employees alike. Having worked and lived in remote environments, our medical professionals conduct corporate medical consulting and assistance with the firsthand knowledge and experience necessary to encourage positive lifestyle changes. As experienced educators in health awareness, our staff will work with you to meet your corporate HSE goals and assist in the development of customized health programs that relate specifically to your workplace environment.

Smoking Cessation

We will encourage and support employees who wish to quit smoking by helping individuals manage withdrawal symptoms and identify triggers that create urges. We will teach new behaviors and skills to help individuals remain tobacco-free through a program of one-on-one counseling and will discuss the merits of nicotine substitutes if requested.

Health Screening

We will promote the benefits of health screening, conduct individual assessments, and identify and interpret health risks among employees through a series of simple screening and diagnostics tests. These include checking:

  • Blood pressure
  • Weight
  • Blood cholesterol
  • Lifestyle factors

This program provides an opportunity for early detection of potential medical conditions, referrals for secondary care if required, and support services for those wanting to improve their health.

Travel Health Education

We will provide travel health advice for employees traveling overseas, including guidance on vaccinations and disease prevention to reduce the exposure to infectious diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, cholera, polio, and hepatitis A. We will also provide information on how to protect your employees against deep vein thrombosis (DVT), practice sun safety, and avoid illness from contaminated food and water.

Basic or Remote First Aid

We can provide standardized first aid and CPR training taught in one-hour modules with an option for certification. This training includes practical advice on personal protective equipment and the universal precautions regarding blood-borne pathogens.

Other Programs Available

Upon request, we can deliver additional programs such as:

  • Industrial & Occupational Hazard Awareness and Mitigation
  • Exercise & Fitness Programs
  • Promoting Good Health & Responsible Hygiene
  • Heart Health
  • Heat-Related Injuries
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Healthy Eating
  • Fatigue Management

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