From evacuation plans and medical site surveys to transportation options and customs clearance procedures, Remote Medical International’s MERP and medical consulting services enable your team to proactively and successfully plan for, and respond to, medical emergencies in remote locations.

Our team of experts delivers peace of mind by preparing the emergency actions checklists and communications plans that keep your team safe. You can rest easy knowing that you have a vetted plan for appropriate response should a major incident occur. MERPs provide:

A Thorough Execution Plan

Obtain a detailed, step-by-step response and communications strategy for your team to utilize during a medical emergency.

Health Risk Assessment

Review location-based health and security risk data and receive basic mitigation suggestions, based on the latest Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.

Ground Transportation

Utilize the best mode of transportation possible during a medical emergency, which may include local Emergency Medical Services, helicopter transport, private ambulance, or a private car.

Vetted Hospitals

Receive our assessment of local healthcare facilities and identified best options for stabilization and definitive medical care. Information will include:

  • Available services
  • Detailed location information, including maps and GPS coordinates
  • Verified contact information for the facility

International Transfer and Repatriation

Access our network of internationally accredited air ambulance providers. We will thoroughly help you plan for long-distance medical transports and treatment at regional medical facilities, should your team require definitive care.

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