Remote Medical International’s (RMI) Medical Program Audit is one of the most efficient and comprehensive services on the market for evaluating medical programs and procedures. The Medical Program Audit has been adopted by companies large and small seeking to critically evaluate in-house medical standards. Conducted by audit-credentialed medical professionals, this provides a thorough assessment of your program’s components.

The Medical Program Audit is designed to evaluate and identify improvements that will enhance your medical program management in order to help meet the highest regulatory industry standards. Through a series of thorough assessments and onsite and in-person interviews, this audit evaluates the quality and effectiveness of your medical personnel, policies, and procedures ranging from clinical management, medical training, medical stores management, emergency response planning, and regulatory compliance. For new programs, or programs not operating within specific regulatory requirements, the Medical Program Audit provides a benchmark for program effectiveness as well as a specific set of actionable recommendations for program improvement.

Assessments Performed:

  • Training and Sustainment
  • Equipment & Pharmaceuticals
  • Telemedicine & Medical Control
  • Communications
  • Quality Control & Regulatory Compliance
  • Safety Team Roles & Responsibilities
  • Emergency Response Planning

Recommendations for Improvement:

  • Evaluation of Integration
  • Quality Control Review
  • Recommendations in Each Area of Assessment
  • Plan for Reassessment

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