Our medical direction and clinical governance services provides the highest quality of medical program oversight, and reduces organizational liability, enhances quality of care, and increases compliance. A dedicated Remote Medical International physician is assigned as your organization’s medical director, and coordinates and advises on all aspects of medical care.

Key Services:

Standard Operating Procedures & Protocols

We thoroughly review your current procedures and protocols and perform a gap analysis to ensure current best practices are being implemented, and outline any location-specific concerns.

Electronic Health Records

Designed specifically for our clients’ operating environments, we provide an electronic health record system to schedule appointments, track health measurements, and store patient care reports, critical components for oversight and quality assurance.

Patient Advice Sheets

We provide home treatment plans and take-home instructions for medications given in-clinic to help improve patient compliance. We can also provide a suite of clinical documents, including medical history forms and discharge instructions.


Created by subject matter experts, our clinical governance audits are designed to ensure site clinics meet contractual obligations and budgetary constraints while delivering optimal patient care. Auditors deliver detailed raw data reports including deficiencies, positive findings, and a remedial action plan.

Medication & Equipment Inventory

We review current medical supplies and equipment being used and perform a gap analysis to ensure current best practices are being followed. We may recommend formulary changes, and can implement an inventory management system that ensures supplies are always on-hand and in-date.

Provider Credentialing

Using the same stringent selection process used in our clinical hiring process, we conduct clinical interviews and pre-interview tests for your medical team, and can support the credentialing process for new providers.

Prescription Authorization

We provide medication administration guidelines and protocols, and support the authorization of specific medications.

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