The Medical Supplies You Need. Wherever You Need Them.

Whether you need to restock an industrial project site clinic, a first aid kit for your seismic vessel, we can supply the medications and equipment you require. We can work with cold-chain shipping requirements, and work with local customs to move vaccinations and medications across the globe. From basic to completely custom created, our medical kits are specifically designed for remote and challenging environments.

Global Supply Chain Management

Remote Medical International ships medical equipment and supplies to over 120 countries around the world from our warehouses in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., and Nairobi, Kenya. With partners located in South Africa and Angola, our global supply chain provides integrated distribution channels to ensure customs compliance, as well as the timely and reliable delivery of goods.
Depending on requirements, we can provide clients with US FDA-certified and locally sourced medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, refrigerated vaccines, medical kits, clinics, and other supplies.


Obtaining quality pharmaceuticals and maintaining worldwide regulatory compliance can be a challenge when working in remote areas. As a single source for remote medical equipment and healthcare supplies, Remote Medical International can provide your team with pharmaceuticals and narcotics from the U.S., EU, and other qualified international locations.


  • Over the counter pharmaceuticals
  • Prescription and legend pharmaceuticals
  • Narcotics
  • Vaccines

As many pharmaceuticals and reagents require cold chain transport management, our certified cold chain logistics and procurement process uses a unique network of global providers to transport pharmaceuticals from origin to destination. We pre-validate each shipment to ensure proper packaging and routing while offering tools for the receiver to validate that shipments remained at the proper temperature throughout transport.

We simplify your job by handling customs clearance, overseas narcotics, and cold-chain shipments in a timely and consistent manner. From our warehouse to your destination of choice, we use our expertise to customize the packing and delivery that your order requires. We understand that each project is unique and standards vary depending on the destination country. Please contact us to obtain a quote or proposal that will meet your operational requirements.

Medical Kits

Designed by our team of active healthcare professionals to provide the equipment necessary to be effective in remote environments, Remote Medical International medical kits are the perfect supplement to our comprehensive medical services.

Created to be scalable to the skill level of the practitioner, these kits provide our clients with the resources they need to provide care in industrial, remote, or challenging settings. With over a dozen comprehensive options ranging from First Aid to Advanced Life Support (ALS), our kits are created to work together to form a tiered response system for a complete range of medical scenarios.

Basic First Aid

  • First Aid Kit
  • Remote First Aid Kit
  • Intermediate Emergency Response Kit*
  • Intermediate Sick Call Kit*
  • Intermediate Comprehensive Response Kit

Basic Life Support

  • Basic Jump Kit
  • Intermediate Jump Kit*

Advanced Life Support*

  • Advanced Jump Kit
  • Advanced Life Support Kit
  • Advanced Long Term Care Kit
  • Advanced Pediatric Kit

*Indicates that prescription medications are included.

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