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Physical Therapy Anywhere You Need It

Intervene Early. Eliminate Injuries. Lower Workers’ Comp Claims.

Remote Medical International has partnered with On-Site Solutions Physical TherapyLLC to provide a comprehensive injury reduction and quick response plan. From acute or chronic musculoskeletal issues to injuries requiring first aid as outlined by OSHA, we are here to serve you on the job site.

Medical providers and physical therapists who collaborate on a project can quickly treat most work-related injuries on the spot. When additional medical intervention is needed, the staff working at your site can remotely connect to a medical doctor if necessary.

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Prevention is Key

Keeping your employees safe at work is our goal. Our physical therapists are available on-demand and will walk the job site providing ergonomic education and appropriate recommendations within your workflow.

The physical therapist may also recommend group or individual stretches, educate on best practice ergonomics in regards to job tasks, and create relationships with employees.

Treating Injured Employees

The medical provider and physical therapist assigned to your project will collaborate on care and services, allowing each to focus on their areas of specialization. We can provide treatment for almost all work-related injuries, saving your organization time and money by treating the injury at your worksite.

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Benefits of On-Site Physical Therapists

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  • We save our clients an average of 75% of Workers’ Comp claims and Workers’ Comp costs within the first two years
  • Our on-site services decrease injury frequency rates by triaging and treating under OSHA first aid guidelines when appropriate, only referring when necessary
  • We can detect small issues and treat them before they develop into major musculoskeletal disorders
  • We tailor treatments to the employee’s job demands

Benefits of On-Site Providers

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  • Decades of experience treating injuries in some of the harshest environments on Earth
  • Our providers can leverage our 24/7 topside service to put your injured employee in touch with a doctor right away, allowing them to get evaluated and begin treatment as soon as possible
  • By treating and controlling an injury on project, we eliminate doctor visits and minimize downtime, benefiting your bottom line

Get Employees Better Quicker and Improve Morale


Our combined expertise helps prevent common injuries by observing the physical requirements of your worksite and proactively providing solutions that mitigate physical risks, keeping your team healthy, safe, and productive.

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Key Personnel

You have workers on your project with unique skill sets, making them irreplaceable. Our early intervention will prevent injuries to key personnel and minimize downtime.

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Video Consultations

Our physical therapists can provide video consultations through a mobile app, allowing your workers to get the advice they need, wherever they are.

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Patient Connection

Face-to-face contact with your employees helps us build a better personal connection, increasing the likelihood of patient compliance, successful outcomes, and a quicker return to work.

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Flexible On-Site Time

The amount of time our physical therapists will be on project is flexible and based on the times that are convenient for your employees, making sure the therapists connect with each shift.

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We can customize our physical therapy offering to fit your budget. You’ll get transparent pricing for the services you select to suit your needs, budget, and goals, without inflated operational delivery costs.

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“Bringing on a company like Remote Medical International that can perform on-site medical care is invaluable on a large scale project because of the ability to manage all medical cases at a local level. It allows a contractor like us to keep a closer eye on the health of our employees to ensure they all go home to their families in the same form they came to work.”

EHS Manager, Pipeline Construction Project

How Can On-Site Physical Therapy Benefit Your Bottom Line?

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